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Marcus Smith

  1. Need to Know: 5 NFC East draft picks who will get the Redskins’ attention

    May 14, 2014, 5:12 AM EDT

    Odell Beckham

    Here is what you need to know on this Wednesday, May 14, two days before the Redskins’ hold their rookie minicamp. Nickel coverage Here are five NFC East draft picks who should concern the Redskins: WR Odell Beckham, NYG—The Giants lost Hakeem Nicks, who appeared to be in decline, to free agency. They replaced him…

  2. Redskins have help wanted sign up at outside linebacker

    Mar 24, 2014, 11:15 AM EDT


    As free agency plods into its third week, most of the focus has been on the Redskins’ defensive backfield, the safety spot in particular. But there is another area on defense that will need to be shored up prior to the start of the season. Outside linebacker is a vital position in the 3-4 defense… Archives

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