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Redskins Talk podcast–Tandler and JP break down Redskins vs. Eagles

Oct 14, 2016, 1:10 PM EDT

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  1. redskins12thman - Oct 14, 2016 at 7:35 PM

    Need the Tandler fix, and baked wings fix, but I side with JP on Cousins; I give the QB B- / C+ so far. He has a need to improve his ability to spot wide open receivers, accuracy on long throws, mobility to extend plays and run for first downs and reduce turnovers (interceptions / fumbles) but he’s still an above average quarterback. You should see the list of names that are performing worse than Cousins including Rodgers, Manning, Palmer, Newton, Flacco among others.

    However, I entirely disagree with the assessment at the end of the podcast that there is “more room up the middle” when running against the Eagles defense. Neither the Steelers nor the Lions ran effectively up the middle against the Eagles. Up the middle, the Steelers had 6 attempts and gained 9 yards and the Lions had 10 attempts and gained 12 yards. Where these teams gained yards was running wide.

    I think the Redskins need to commit even more to the run game than they’ve shown to date and that a run / pass balance will help to mitigate the Eagles’ pass pressure. Cooley had this great observation about our run game:

    In comparison to other effective balanced offenses like Falcons and Eagles, Redskins offense does not diversify enough in run. Redskins never challenge eye discipline for defenses pre-snap, or post-snap.

    In run, we are stagnant; show front / personnel and run basic blocking. Our run play calling is too predictable. Our play action should be more dynamic. We need more variation in formations, more pre-snap motion, more pre-snap shift / movement and post-snap shift / movement.

    Specific examples he gave include:
    1. to run jet sweep on 3rd and 2 and then show it seven more times but not run it.
    2. we never shift TEs when we block; this is challenging to LBs post snap

    He considers these changes as a relatively simple fix; other teams are doing it. There is not one underlying theme — run, pass, screen, read option — you have several options on each down, which are created by varied formations, motion (50% of time) and shifts (25% of time). Creates keys / thoughts / doubts for defenses.

    Lastly, I agree that there’s a glimmer of hope the defense is starting to improve, and that the Redskins need to continue to demonstrate that they will tackle well as well as prevent many more 3rd down conversions.

    Eagles have 4 talented RBs and 3 serviceable TEs; along with Wentz, these are the eight players that need to be marked closely / stopped. The Eagles receivers are tall and athletic, but the Eagles offense revolves around the RBs, TEs and QB (both run and pass).

    I would let the CBs mark the WRs one-on-one and prevent them from catching balls within 10 yards of the line of scrimmage. The Eagles do less damage on intermediate and deep routes, but they run very well and do short pass very well; that’s what the Redskins must stop.

    Preston Smith is a key player, especially with Kerrigan not 100%. I feel all four starting LBs, the nickel back and safeties will have their hands full on Sunday. As we saw against the Ravens, the more pressure the D-line can create, the better everyone else on defense can do their jobs.

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    • snyderisanidiot - Oct 15, 2016 at 12:03 AM

      I understand what you are saying and agree for the most part to a certain extent except for the QB position.
      Given Cousins a B- or even a C+ is a joke. He has been bad. He does not look like the same guy from last year, there is no confidence, last year it was YOU LIKE THAT this year when he walks back in the tunnel its “FIND A WAY” did anybody not notice that?!
      The mans confidence is shot as he struggles to prove to Snyder that he is worth a big contract.
      The defense has tape on him. He is a one read QB and Zone Coverage is very effective against Kirk especially when he has no accuracy on his deep ball or when throwing into man coverage. Kirk maybe serviceable but he is a hot mess.
      If his play continues exactly the same at this level he will not be resigned to a multi year deal, yet, the Podcast and you think he deserves B-
      Kirk is failing the tryout to be the Redskins franchise QB so far. If he plays like this I do not want to see him for another 4 years. He needs to get his sh|t together quick. Hopefully, he will, and I think he will, but with some many offensive weapons Kirk has been making it look so difficult.
      You should see the list of names that are performing better than Cousins including: Bryan Hoyer, Sam Bradford, Blaine Gabbert, and the list goes on.

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      • redskins12thman - Oct 15, 2016 at 9:53 AM

        I agree with you that defenses have studied Cousins, game planed to his weaknesses and that Cousins has yet to adequately adjust and for this reason, Cousins does not look as strong as he did last season. That’s true for many other good QBs too like Cam Newton.

        The problem is there are fewer quality QBs than there are starting spots. Cousins is not in the top dozen, but he’s in the next dozen. The drop off after 24 is precipitous and there-in lies the value I attach to Kirk.

        While Hoyer is statistically better than Cousins, I prefer Cousins. I prefer Cousins to Gabbert too. I’ve not seen enough from either Bradford or Cousins to make me sold on either of them and to be honest, I would need to see the quality performance over a couple of seasons, not just one.

        But any of the top dozen QBs are unlikely to be acquired, and a good handful in that group are getting less productive than their prior seasons. Until I have secured a quarterback better than Cousins, I’m sticking with him. A bird in hand is worth two in the bush.

        There are anywhere from 6 to 20 teams, and I think closer to the latter than the former, who would be willing to take Cousins off our hands in a heartbeat even with the way he has started this season.

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        • snyderisanidiot - Oct 15, 2016 at 10:39 AM

          I understand what you saying completely and agree. Cousins is serviceable, he is playing at a Mid Range level like you said. It is just that the Redskins are so hungry for stability at the QB position and many thought we may have found that in Kirk after last season. I think people like me are in shock when Kirk regressed this year.
          He appeared to be on the upwards trajectory. I didn’t want to sign him long term last year but i was certain he would solidify himself this year very quickly. I was wrong.
          Eagles game is big for Kirk. He needs a big game there is no doubt about it. He needs a gouty game with big stats like 3 TD’s 300 yards, and 0 INT. He has yet to have a statement game much like Rich has been saying and he needs to let it loose.
          It will be an embarrassment if Rookie Wentz comes into FedEx and outplays Kirk. Kirk knows this and I fully expect him to finally show some big stuff this week. Would have to imagine Desean Jackson goes big.
          Can not wait for the game, don’t let me down guys, 4 – 2 record has a nice sound to it.
          And Kirk, throwing like 2 more INT’s will be completely unacceptable as far as I am concerned. I want Kirk to be one of the main reasons we Win Sunday and that will go a long way to get him fired up like last season.
          he needs a YOU LIKE THAT moment………… I could not believe this FIND A WAY bullsh|t he is saying now or when he called himself a ‘work in progress’
          The man needs some confidence and I hope he finds it against the High Flying Eagles

        • redskins12thman - Oct 15, 2016 at 11:08 AM

          Eagles game is big for Kirk and for the Redskins as a whole. While Cousins needs to play well (and better than he did against the Ravens), there’s equal expectations on Redskins preparation as a whole and Redskins d, to stop the run, tackle well and prevent 3rd down conversions. This is a very winnable game if everyone does their job well.

          We can’t be 1-3 at home, including 0-2 versus division opponents.

    • Trey Gregory - Oct 16, 2016 at 3:20 AM

      I actually heard Cooley talking on NFL radio today about Washington and he said those same things about he run game.

      Here’s my thing. We all love and respect Cooley. But he’s basically saying Bill Callahan, one of the most respected line coaches in the league, is doing a bad job. Because Callahan calls the run plays as far as I know. So yeah, it’s nice that Cooley provides us with some insight into the team and all. But for actual Xs and Os, I’m going to defer to the guy who has been coaching football probably longer than Cooley has been alive.

      There isn’t just one way to do these things. But some guys have their fav way and other don’t agree with them. Doesn’t make either of those way wrong. Bill Callahan used the same style in 2014 and the Cowboys led the league in rushing. Who cares if they know it’s coming? Execute your assignment, blow the other guy up, and we will be fine. The trenches are about overpowering people. Not catching them off guard.

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      • redskins12thman - Oct 18, 2016 at 5:15 AM

        Is it mainly about Callahan or McVay and didn’t the team begin to address these concerns against the Eagles?

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