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LIVE Redskins practice report—Day 11

Aug 9, 2016, 1:34 PM EDT

Thorp camp RVA USAT 2016

RICHMOND—One last practice before the Redskins part for Atlanta. The weather is about what it was yesterday, threatening skies with a good chance of rain. But a moderate rain didn’t knock out the Monday afternoon practice so we shouldn’t expect a little rain to affect today’s proceedings. Check back and refresh often to follow along.

–Two players we know aren’t participating today, Jamison Crowder and Josh Doctson, are in shorts and tees playing catch.

Some OLB agility and footwork drills. #Redskins

A video posted by Rich (@richtandler) on

Some OLB agility and footwork drills. #Redskins

A video posted by Rich (@richtandler) on

–Crowder just ran some sprints from sideline to sideline in the end zone. He looked like he was moving pretty well. This could be one of those things where he could play if it was in the regular season but there’s no point in risking further injury in preseason Week 1.

–Nice end zone grab by Keith Marshall. Carlos Fields had good coverage in the end zone as Nate Sudfeld lofted the pass. The defender got an arm in there but Marshall make the catch anyway. Good focus by the RB.

–The middle of the field is in rough shape. Matt Jones took a handoff, tried to cut to his left and just lost his footing. It was covered overnight so it doesn’t appear to be wet. It does look brown (cue jokes about getting them ready to play at FedEx Field).

–It seems that Spencer Long and Shwn Lauvao are splitting the snaps at left guard.

–Morgan Moses is taking snaps at left tackle. I wonder if they will flip him over there and put Nsekhe in at right tackle If Trent Williams were to miss a game.

–Rashad Ross with a nice leaping catch with Will Blackmon and Greg Toler nearby. He makes another catch over the middle a couple of plays later. He’s had some days where he’s had a bad case of the drops; today is not one of those days.

–They’re running the starting offense vs. the third-team defense. Nobody is quite sure why.

–Another slip, this one by Robert Kelley. Sure hope nobody gets hurt.

–D-Hall is in a little huddle with Norman, Breeland, Ihnacho, and Toler over on the sideline. He’s doing most of the talking going over some of the finer points of coverage schemes.

–McCoy looked left and threw to Marcel Jensen over the middle. The QB didn’t see Will Compton lurking. The LB jumped and got a hand on the ball but couldn’t haul in the INT.

That’s it for today folks. I’ll be coming to you from Atlanta on Thursday. Let the games begin!

  1. Duce - Aug 9, 2016 at 1:38 PM

    This is going to be interesting, I am really excited about Will Compton future. I believe we have a stud at the ILB position

    • goback2rfk - Aug 9, 2016 at 8:27 PM

      The don’t call him Will ‘Straight Outta’ Compton for nothing. Dude will break your face when he meets you in the A gap. Go Compton!

  2. Trey Gregory - Aug 9, 2016 at 2:55 PM

    To me it makes sense to leave Moses where he’s comfortable and developing and out Ty in at LT. Moving Moses to LT would almost be like having two new tackles out there. And I’m sure the chemistry between Scherff and Ty wouldn’t be as good as Scherff and Moses. I’ve heard nothing but people ranting about Nsekhe as a very good swing tackle. I would love to see him be able to step in and fill a void at LT if necessary.

    • ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© - Aug 9, 2016 at 4:44 PM

      Counter argument might be that Moses is the 2nd best tackle on the team, and he’s 3 years younger than Trent.

      Meanwhile Nsekhe is 30…two years older. No mistake getting a guy like Nsekhe is huge for our team’s depth, but down the road Trent’s replacement will be Moses or else someone we draft.

      • Trey Gregory - Aug 10, 2016 at 2:57 AM

        Yes. You’re absolutely right that Moses is the second best tackle on the team (at least he better be). But from what I understand, switching sides is very difficult. They say it would be like asking a righty to throw with his left hand. I don’t know if it’s actually THAT dramatic, but that’s what they say. And Ty obviously isn’t our future LT.

        Gruden, Callahan, and McCloughan know more about these guys and football than I could ever hope to. I’ll be happy with whatever they decide. But my point was that switching Moses to the left side, mid season, is almost like having 2 new starters instead of one. Because there’s just no way he could step right in and be as affective as he is at RT. Maybe with a full offseason, but not a spot start. So our left and right side would be weaker instead of just the left. And the chemistry with Scherff and whoever plays RT (I assume Ty) wouldn’t be as good either. But if you leave Moses at RT then that side is locked down. You can just run more that way, let Ty focus on pass blocking, and maybe send him a RB or TE to help.

        Keep in mind that he shut Greg Hardy down when he played against Dallas last year. Teams all have someone they label a swing tackle, but very few teams truly have a guy who can play both sides. We do. He’s not our future LT, but he’s the current swing guy. To me it makes sense to use that advantage.

        Hopefully Trent stays healthy and this is all irrelevant. But it will be interesting to see what they do if Trent can’t play.

  3. redskins12thman - Aug 9, 2016 at 6:35 PM

    Not much happened? I heard Reed was out and not playing Thursday either.

    • Trey Gregory - Aug 9, 2016 at 7:00 PM

      Yeah it’s his thumb. And that’s fine with me. Let’s be cautious with our studs. Remember the injuries we suffered in preseason last year? Literally not having Paul cost us a draft pick (for Carrier) and probably lost us a game or two. Or at least made it a lot harder to win. I hope Reed gets a few preseason snaps, but I’m not going to stress if he doesn’t.

      • bangkokben - Aug 9, 2016 at 10:14 PM

        Good points on the Paul loss. Redskin fans like say had Tony Romo not been injured or had so-and-so… but when it’s our guys it’s next man up. The Redskins were absolutely atrocious at tight-end for a stretch last season. Which one of these guys would’ve made a difference against the Jets? Williams, Reed, Jackson, Lauvao, Lichtesteiger, Culliver, or Hall? More than half of those guys didn’t play or finish the game against Atlanta. Believe me, I’m a next-man-up guy but that’s a two-way street.

        • Trey Gregory - Aug 10, 2016 at 2:48 AM

          All of them. I know that was rhetorical, but still. All of them would have made a HUGE difference. That’s one of the many reasons it drives me nuts when people say Cousins never beat a winning team.

          Most of them are obvious. We’ve talked about what losing the LG and C did to the run game at length. We all know Reed and Williams are elite players and what Hall brings. But the not so obvious guys are Paul and Culliver. Culliver had an unfortunately bad season with us. But he’s a good football player. He’s not Josh Norman, but he had multiple “red chip” seasons in San Fran. Him healthy would have made a huge difference against those Jets receivers. Especially because he can bump and run. I want to say it was something like 10 preseason starters who were out for that game. As in, almost half our starters. It’s amazing we even stayed in it.

  4. mtskins - Aug 9, 2016 at 8:23 PM

    Preston Smith injured his shoulder. Hopefully not too serious. If it was I wouldn’t enjoy speculating about the ramifications.

    • Trey Gregory - Aug 10, 2016 at 2:42 AM

      It would be catastrophic. It’s that simple. Once Gallette went down our margin for injury to OLB went to zero.

      I’m not being hyperbolic, but dead serious. When Gallette went down my confidence in this team weny from maybe winning 9-10 games to 7-8. If Smith or Kerrigan can’t play…. I don’t even know. Pass rush is just too important. Especially with how weak (on paper) the middle of our defense is. McCloughan built this D to destroy the pass and that can’t happen without edge rushers. You never know who’s going to step up and have a good season. But as of now, I can’t see them winning without Smith and Kerrigan taking most of the OLB snaps. We might score a lot, but the other team probably will too.

  5. blazerguy234 - Aug 10, 2016 at 9:32 AM

    Why would they switch Moses to left tackle and put Ty at right Tackle if Trent is out? Ty filled in nicely at left tackle last year, and Moses is doing well at right tackle…why screw up his mind? Would like to know how it makes sense…. Archives

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