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Redskins, Patriots walk through final practice

Aug 6, 2014, 11:30 AM EDT

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Patriots camp

RICHMOND—The Redskins and Patriots held their third and final joint practice session today. After two lively, hard-hitting sessions, we due for a letdown and we got it.

Some of the players wore light pads, some wore no pads at all. They wore helmets but I’m not sure they needed them. The pace was a little bit quicker than a walkthrough but far from the full-speed execution we saw on Monday and Tuesday.

The most noteworthy thing that happened was an injury to DeSean Jackson. He was jogging through a slant patters when he got stepped on. He made his way to the sideline and the trainers started to examine him. They taped a couple of ice packs on his lower left leg and he watched from the trainer’s tent. Some members of the armed forces posed for pictures and got autographs from him. So although we don’t know for sure it didn’t appear that Jackson was in too much distress.

They really didn’t have much choice but to run today at walkthrough speed. They had gone at it pretty hard Monday and Tuesday and they have a full-contact game tomorrow. Anything rough today and both teams would be risking some seriously worn-down bodies before the season even starts.

The team will have an off day after the Thursday night game against the Patriots. They will return here for a practice at 2:5 on Saturday. Archives

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