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Redskins practice report, Day 7: Focus on details

Jul 31, 2014, 1:08 PM EDT


RICHMOND—All of the pre-camp talk about being here this year was about the heat, how the law of averages would catch up with last year’s relatively mild conditions and we would run into scorching temperatures this year.

But the law of averages isn’t in play so far this year. Between some rain, the 8:35 start to the practices, and a run of just plain nice days like today, we haven’t had many heat issues. Here is some of what I saw:

— Special teams have been starting off by breaking players into groups and working on techniques. Today they started with full team kickoffs. Apparently it’s time to start pulling things together for preseason game.

—Kirk Olivadotti was giving some very detailed coverage instructions to his inside linebackers, going over responsibilities depending on what direction the receiver takes. Earlier the ILBs were working on some pursuit and closing angles.

—The D-line was practicing audibles and adjustments in various situations. Jacob Burney would call out the audible and the line would have to adjust its alignment. There’s no time to think, the reaction to the audible has to be instantaneous. —The status along the offensive line is the same as it was yesterday.

—Darryl Sharpton and Niles Paul got into a brief scuffle after a running play. It was quickly broken up before anything major started.

—Sometimes it’s hard to judge what’s good and what’s bad on a play. In 11 on 11 play Ted Bolser made a nice catch of a Colt McCoy pass for a gain of about 12 yards. But safety Trenton Robinson was near Bolser but he turned around wrong and just got off a swipe at the football. Good offense or bad defense? The coaches will have to sort that out on film.

—A few times, Robert Griffin III set to pass, was forced to move, reset his feet, and threw an accurate pass. This skill isn’t nearly as easy as it sounds and it may be more important than actually running the ball.

—But he still does run. He galloped for about 20 yards late in the last 11 on 11 session. But as with his long run yesterday you have to wonder if he would have been as successful had he not been wearing the yellow no contact jersey. It looked like some defenders had an angle on him but may have pulled up to avoid hitting the franchise QB

—Here’s rookie nose tackle Robert Thomas doing rookie duty by carrying a bunch of helmets off of the field. Archives

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