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Redskins camp countdown: 22 field goals made

Jul 1, 2014, 12:36 PM EDT

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We’re counting down to the start of training camp here by looking at some numbers that will be keys to the Redskins’ 2014 season.

22—Successful field goal attempts

Please forgive the obvious point here but if the Redskins are going to win more games this year they are going to have to score more points. Earlier this week we looked at a couple of aspects of them not being able to finish drives (here and here). As noted in the posts, the Redskins were ninth in the league in yardage gained but 23rd in scoring. A more precise measure of offensive efficiency is yards per point. The Redskins had 17.7 yards of offense per point scored. The most efficient team, the Cowboys, had 12.4 yards per point (h/t @rickoharrison for pointing out the site with that data).

The Redskins not only need to finish off drives but they need to finish them off with the maximum number of points. And that’s where kicking 22 field goals—one more than they had in 2013—comes into play as a key number. They don’t want to score more points by kicking more field goals, they want to score more by finishing drives in the end zone.

Last year the Eagles kicked 23 field goals. Only five NFL teams kicked fewer. They were second in the NFL in scoring, however, because they finished second in offensive touchdowns scored with 51. If the Redskins want to keep up with Philly, the reigning division champ and solid favorite to repeat, they will need to get into the end zone a lot more often than they kick field goals. If they end up booting much more than about 22 field goals, they’ll have trouble scoring as much as they need to.

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