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Need to Know: 5 notes and quotes from Redskins rookie camp

May 18, 2014, 5:41 AM EDT


Here is what you need to know on this Sunday, May 18, nine days before the start of OTAs.

Nickel coverage

Five notes and quotes from yesterday’s rookie minicamp:

CB Bashaud Breeland is confident, perhaps bordering on cocky. You like that in a corner. What is his game like? I asked him and he had his elevator speech prepared. “I’m a versatile, physical corner. I get in on tackles we well as am receivers at the line. And I can play multiple positions. I can line up at safety, I can line up at nickel, I can line up at the corner position. So I feel like that’s the biggest asset to my game.?

There are concerns about OLB Trent Murphy’s athletic ability but there can’t be any about his intelligence. He has already graduated from Stanford. He did have a redshirt year to help get it done but he barely needed it. Murphy needed to take just one class last fall to finish his requirements. His major was in business management.

Speaking of graduating, OT Morgan Moses is going to walk on The Lawn at Virginia today. He will get his degree in anthropology. After that, his thoughts will turn to adjusting back to playing right tackle after having been Virginia’s left tackle. “”It’s been a while since I’ve been there. … Just getting that feeling back,” Moses said. ”One thing about me, I’m ambidextrous, so being able to adapt to both sides is something I’ve been able to do throughout my college career.”

G Spencer Long can play all three interior line positions but he’d prefer to just go hit somebody to having to deal with getting the snap to the quarterback. ““I like guard a little better; I’d rather just not have a ball in my hand,” he told me. “But I like the mental game of center, making the calls, that’s pretty fun.”

Most of you know by now that RB Lache Seastrunk didn’t catch any passes despite being Baylor’s starting running back last year. This was more due to the design of the Bears’ offense than any major issues with his hands. He doesn’t feel like he’s under any particular pressure to prove that he can catch passes. “They know I can catch,” he said. “My head coach knows I can catch, my running backs coach knows I can catcher, very well. I keep my eye on the ball and look it in, every time.”

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—It’s been 140 days since the Redskins played a game; it will be 112 days until they play the Texans in the 2014 season opener.

Days until: OTAs 9; Training camp starts 66; Preseason opener Patriots @ Redskins 81

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  1. kenlinkins - May 18, 2014 at 9:12 AM

    Today the Redskins Cut Jose Gumbs, again many Redskins fans had him lasting until the final cuts in Sept. We saw David Gettis released last week, again many Redskins had him lasting until final cuts. IMO the release of Jose Gumbs right after rookie camp is a clear signal that this new head coach is not messing around. If you do not have what he is looking for, you will be released. A note of warning to one and all, this will cause more roster turn over than many of us Redskins fans figured last week when Rich posted the “Way to Early roster” story (which is a good thing). It happens every time a new head coach takes over (it happened with Shanahan, remember Cartright, Thomas, Smoot and Betts). This gives someone (real long shot) lower on the latter a real shot of showing up and making the team. Maybe, just maybe the new coaching staff can coach. Step One: develop a few guys who will become Special Team stand outs and push for back up roles. So far, I like what I am seeing from the new coaching staff. Rich: Any guys walking around with their heads up (or down) after the rookie Camp?

    • Rich Tandler - May 18, 2014 at 9:25 AM

      Hard to tell if the depth chart was shaken up during the rookie camp. Let the guys who are sticking around learn the playbook, where to line up, etc. and get some snaps with some experienced players in OTAs and minicamp before we take a hard look at that.

      But your larger point about the possibility of more roster turnover than we might think right now is accurate. When I did my 53 projection there were 19 new names on it (defined as not with the organization at the end of last season). I asked Allen just prior to the draft and he was sticking with his original projection that the team will have about 25 new players. Look at that roster and it’s very hard to take off six players who were with the team last year. But that’s what they intend to do.

      > >

      • kenlinkins - May 18, 2014 at 2:03 PM

        Rich: Was Rambo at rookie camp? The reason I ask is with Gumbs getting cut that’s one down and only T. Robinson and Jackson to go for Rambo to make the team (only one to go if the Redskins keep 5 Safeties) unless they bring in another guy. Maybe the light has gone on for Rambo or the new coaching staff feels he has up side they want to try and develop before final cuts. I wonder if it was more Gumbs not having it or Rambo turning it around? Any insights?

        • Rich Tandler - May 18, 2014 at 3:54 PM

          Rambo’s not a rookie; can’t go the camp. No word on how he’s looked but it’s a bit early since teams don’t line up offense vs. defense until OTAs. They start on the 27th. The session on 5/29 is open to the media but I’ll be on vacation. I’ll keep an eye on him during the remaining open OTAs and minicamp.

          > >

        • kenlinkins - May 18, 2014 at 4:48 PM

          Rich: I think I made the mistake of thinking the Gumbs was at the Rookie Camp.

    • shermanp79 - May 18, 2014 at 9:51 AM

      I hope they can coach these guys drafted. It was a big problem under Shanahan. I didn’t know about the 2 cuts, I wanted Gettis to get a shot since he had height. He is young but has been around, so clearly it was a long shot. The UNFA and Drafted R must show more than what Gruden saw on film. The same with Gumbs, they must see Breeland playing some S. I think they keep Rambo anyway, as long as he learned from last year. I hope he matured and is ready to take the “hard worker” team approach, the skins now are pushing and made a priority with Draft picks this year. I think Gruden is going to do this the right way. I think finally Danny has learned. We will see on the talent evaluation side down the road. That is on Allen but there clearly is a change, just listen to RG3 speak. I think there was too much tension right from Shanahan’s first days. I have a feeling Gruden is going to bring this organization back. It may have taken 20 years but we as fans have suffered enough. This is a proud organization that has wanted to win, he just went about it the wrong way, looking at the old. Whether it was big name players past their prime or past great coaches. The worst was never before an OC, then became the HC and laughing stock of the NFL. This team is going the right way and in the next 2 years we will be the new young up and coming team. We have some building left to do but I feel positive .

  2. shermanp79 - May 18, 2014 at 10:11 AM

    I wonder if Breeland beats out Porter? If he can play both positions, I would think they like that more. It gives them flexibility without having to use two different guys. I think Biggers played that role last year. He may be one to watch during cuts. He gives flexibility too. I guess it comes down to if a S or CB plays better at a position vs. his flexibility. I had him in the cut list. I guess camp will sort it out! May the best man win. That is the only way this team gets better.
    I know this team has much more depth this year and it had me thinking about the cap punishment. I know 18 mil hurts but did they use the money wrong and make it worse? He didn’t play so many young guys and being fair some had injuries. IDK I think they got screwed and don’t get how they couldn’t do anything about it. I just don’t recall any big names or guys they lost due to the penalty. They had a 53 man roster. They brought back so many of their own FA. It would be an interesting topic to explore.

    • Rich Tandler - May 18, 2014 at 10:14 AM

      My view on the cap penalty is that it hurt but not to the extent of 3-13. The Raiders, due to cleaning up some bad contracts, had to deal with $56 million in dead cap money last year and they managed to win one more game than the Redskins did.

      > >

  3. internetcareer - May 18, 2014 at 9:54 PM

    Rich something to note about Rambo. Last season with Thomas injured Rambo was seriously force fed a lot and it may have overwhelmed him. They put a lot of pressure on him but he has had an entire year to digest it all and with Ryan Clark here there is far less pressure for him to “hurry up and get it and do it now”.

    I don’t have any inside information but I bet we will see a better performance out of Rambo this pre season especially since there is a better system in place. (better…supposedly..from what we hear) Archives

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