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Need to Know: The last five players drafted with pick No. 34

Feb 22, 2014, 5:09 AM EDT


Here is what you need to know on this Saturday, February 22, 17 days before the start of NFL free agency.

Nickel coverage

The Redskins have the 34th pick in the NFL draft, which starts May 8. Here are the last five players taken at No. 34 overall:

WR Justin Hunter, TEN, 2013—The 6-4 receiver out of Tennessee got on the field for 14 games last year. Hunter caught 18 passes but he gained 354 yards for an impressive 19.7 yards per catch and four touchdowns. It is likely that the Titans will have plans to get his hands on the ball more often in 2014.

TE Coby Fleener, IND, 2012—Many Redskins fans have a soft spot for Fleener as his full first name is Jacoby and he was named after an original Hog, Joe Jacoby. After a decent but fairly quiet rookie year he became one of Andrew Luck’s  in 2013 with 52 receptions for 608 yards and four TD’s.

DB Aaron Williams, BUF, 2011—Williams was one of the better and most valuable defensive players for the Bills last year. He started games at both cornerback and safety for the Bills in 2013 and picked off four passes.

DB Chris Cook, MIN, 2010—Injuries and some jail time for a domestic assault case have limited Cook to 29 starts in four seasons with the Vikings. He has yet to record his first career interception.

DB Patrick Chung, NE, 2009—Chung never gained traction with the Patriots after being drafted out of Oregon. He started 13 games at safety in 2010 (most of them alongside Brandon Meriweather) and picked off three passes, returning one of them for 96 yards and a touchdown. But he was in and out of the lineup after that and the Patriots let him walk to the Eagles last year.

(Had I gone back one more year, this list would have included the last player the Redskins took with pick No. 34, wide receiver Devin Thomas.)

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—It’s been 55 days since the Redskins played a game; it will be about 197 days until they play another one.

Days until: NFL Free agency starts 17; Offseason workouts start 44; NFL Draft 75

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  1. O - Feb 22, 2014 at 5:49 AM

    Great work as usual

    • internetcareer - Feb 22, 2014 at 9:48 AM

      the comment above SHOULD read “GREAT amount of worthless stats”. I mean..since those picks at 34 didn’t work out too well, why not do the last 5 picks at 35? That way if you find several pro bowl players taken at 35, Skins could then trade BACK a slot. Or do last 5 picks taken at position 36, and if more Pro Bowl players were taken at that pick…then the Skins could trade back to 36. Ad infinitum. In other words, this is a worthless stat. Means nothing because it has nothing to do with the Skins organization. Hey Rich..a much better article…do you want to know what it is? How about the last 5 picks in the 2nd round that the Redskins have taken because at least it has something to do with Scott Campbell and Morocco Brown.

      I apologize for this negative critique but it really is a worthless stat and means nothing on draft day. However I appreciate the effort Rich. Keep up the good work.

      • Rich Tandler - Feb 22, 2014 at 9:59 AM

        It’s the pick they hold right now, brother. Not sure how you find it meaningless. It’s not a “stat” it’s a look at who’d been picked there. The Redskins could get someone better than those five, they could get someone worse. It’s just a bit of information on a Saturday morning two and a half months away from the draft.

        • internetcareer - Feb 22, 2014 at 10:32 AM

          that was my who point Rich. They could get a good player or bad player at 34 so it becomes meanlngless WHO was picked. However I think you’ll find that teams other than the Redskins who take offensive linemen, seem to be getting PRO BOWL type players at that position more often than not. Most teams do not draft guards and centers in the 1st round so GREAT interior linemen are available in round 2. HEY…JUST SO HAPPENS..the Redskins never ever have Pro Bowl interior linemen and in fact that is our biggest weak spot. Why not look at a guard or center with 34. THAT would be a novel idea for a change. Cyril Richardson will be available.

  2. shermanp79 - Feb 22, 2014 at 9:36 AM

    So basically it’s a 50-50 shot of the guy being productive. The guys that weren’t had problems staying on the field due to injuries or bad character. I know it is only a small sample but we need this pick to be a solid if not great player. We obviously have a good chance for a good outcome. One thing these picks prove is we need to grab a WR here. The past guys are at big positions WR,TE or CB. I don’t see us taking a CB or S based on the youth at the position. I see us using FA to fill them. I don’t think we take a TE with Reed even with injury concerns. We could take a TE later in the Draft. So we need WR and RG3 could use another big guy for the RZ. I really like Mathews and at 6-3 with great hands and route running abilities he could really help. Since he is so polished I think he could catch60 balls. I like AR but probably not ready to be a number 2 guy. He can really develop in Grudens Offense but we just don’t know. He was very productive in College once he developed at that level and I believe he can here. We don’t know about Hank and I am sad about him not staying healthy. I think he could be productive. He has problems with hands and separating from DBs. He probably is more of a possession guy. We need to get a guy who can run after the catch but they have to have good hands. I don’t see us drafting a slot guy with AR able to play there. I know a lot of people like Benjamin but I’m not sure how much he has to learn and how quick he can, that is why I prefer Mathews he is 6-3 and related to Jerry Rice and clearly has learned from him since he is so polished. I am interested in what Briscoe can do? I think we sign a FA WR and would love for them to take a shot at Britt. If he ever gets his head straight he could be a beast. If gave him a 1 year make or break deal with incentives I think it is worth the risk. Could a team with more money give him a crazy deal? Maybe but if not I bring him in and talk to him. Let him sit down with RG3 and maybe that will excite him enough to grow up. Our WR corps would be much better with him and Mathews. Is it Robinson at Penn State? the other guy being mentioned? I like him to I think he has more athleticism than Mathews but maybe not as good of hands. He is faster too I’m not against him being the guy either just don’t know as much about him or seen him play as have with Mathews. There is a real possibility they both are gone by our pick and then I go with the DLine position. There are guys I like a round or two later so value is the key. I don’t know if a O Linemen will be great value here with who would be left. You can get a starting G/C in later rounds but I think experts have said after the first few at each position the drop-off is great. I know it is all predicting and different teams could think different. I also think we have a few young guys that need to be looked at, can Hurt or any of them start? I prefer looking at younger FA guys who wew know can start. RG3’s health is a major concern and It makes me think this has to be fixed for sure. We can’t hope a guy can. That is why I prefer to be bigger up the middle with guys who have played. This is too important. HTTR!! Let the building begin!

  3. kenlinkins - Feb 22, 2014 at 9:53 AM

    I disagree with the WR pick at 34. IMO there will be a run on QB’s, WR’s DE/DT and OT early in this draft with many team reaching to WR’s. There are many later round WR’s that fit our needs. IMO CB’s will have the most value on the board at pick 34 and we should grab one and maybe two with our first two picks. While you near know who might fall into your lap at 34 (say a top 3 WR) and you must take them. This years draft is all about value early with so many JR’s hitting the draft our 5th, 6th and 7th round picks could be like 3rd and 4th rounds. Also, we need to sign a ton of Undrafted WR’s as some real talent will fall off the end of the draft board. We need to draft Speed, guys who can run and tackle to make train camp interesting. I look for a ton of new faces on the 53 man roster as our new coach clears the deck of players who do not fit his system.

  4. internetcareer - Feb 22, 2014 at 10:18 AM

    and……AND… is a more interesting stat. Since 2000, the Redskins have had 9 players picked in the 2nd round….and the total pro bowl appearances by those players is ZERO. Big fat ZERO. They had 10 players come out of the 3rd round and a grand total of Pro Bowl players from the 3rd round…exactly ONE and that was Cooley. So with the 2nd round and 3rd round providing very little talent for the Skins…I could make a strong case that they should trade that 34th pick and the 3rd round pick in order to move UP into the first round.

    This is also an indictment of the Redskins organization. perhaps it will change now that Bruce Allen is totally in charge of the picks. But remember these stats boys and girls and we will revisit them in 3 or 4 years.

    • kenlinkins - Feb 22, 2014 at 1:06 PM

      Data Scope Analytics did a nice job mapping the “Bust Rate” of NFL draft picks. You might find it a good place to get % information. They have a nice chart that shows the 1st & 2nd pick bust rate at about 3% and the 34 pick at about 19%. Trading our two picks would move us up to the 27th with a bust rate of about 16%.This would not support your point of trading up into the first round to reduce risk, but does points out just how much we paid to get RG3 and points out how much more risk was involved in the deal. (i.e. leaving us only 2nd round picks for two years, and one injury killing the production of so many draft picks). If we keep our picks we have two shots of getting starters with at bust rate AVG of about 23%, vs one pick at about 16%. I like the odds of having the two picks in our case. I know everyone wants a Big new WR for RG3 but IMO we need to up grade too many positions and should wait on WR until 2015 with our first pick (unless Watkins drops to the 27th pick then I would try to trade up). We can find good WR’s or OL in the later round in 2014 to help us this year I just do not think the facts support your case. Archives

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