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Need to Know: Five notes and quotes from Jay Gruden’s press conference

Jan 10, 2014, 5:19 AM EDT


Here is what you need to know on this Friday, January 10, 60 days from the start of NFL free agency.

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Here are five notable quotes from Jay Gruden’s introductory presser:

1. After picking a staff, Gruden said that the first order of business would be to review last year’s team. “When you’re 3-13, there’s not one particular player or reason, there’s a lot of reasons and there’s a lot of things that need to be fixed, no question.”

2. Considering that Redskins Park is supposed to be place where nobody wants to work, Gruden said that a lot of coaches sure want to work there. “This opportunity is a one in a lifetime deal and I’ve already had about 350 texts of people, great coaches, looking to coach and it’s going to keep coming. I don’t think finding a great coach and coaching staff is going to be difficult. It’s finding the right ones that fit what I want to do and what the players want to do.”

3. Gruden’s resume includes time in the Arena League and the UFL. He said that those experiences were very valuable. “”That’s everybody’s opinion – they can say I’m not ready or whatever they want, but I’ve had to deal with players my whole life. Whatever level you’re coaching, whether it’s Arena League or the UFL you still have to motivate and coach and teach players to compete and motivate different types of players – good guys, bad guys.”

4. A new coach for a 3-13 team has a long to-do list, as Gruden noted above. But the first order of business is to instill confidence that the coaches know what they’re doing. “There’s a lot you want to accomplish, but I want a sense of confidence instilled in the players right away. I want the players to come in and know that they’re going to come into work and they’re going to get the best – the best ownership, the best general manager, the best assistant coaches, the best head coach, the best training staff, the best equipment managers.”

5. Perhaps the best news of all for Redskins fans is that Gruden said that he isn’t married to any one way of doing things on offense. “I think we have to adhere to what we have offensively, talent-wise. We can do the read option. We can do naked bootlegs. We can run outside zone. We can run bubble screens. We can run deep balls. We can do play-action deep things. I think the whole idea to be a successful offense is to be diverse and be good at a lot of different things and not just one.”

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—It’s been 12 days since the Redskins played a game; it will be about 240 days until they play another one.

Days until: NFL free agency 60; Offseason workouts start 87; 2014 NFL Draft 118

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  1. kenlinkins - Jan 10, 2014 at 8:55 AM

    Like many Redskins fans, when I first heard that Jay Gruden had been picked to be the next Redskins coach (without even talking to James Franklin first) my reaction was very negative, After hearing him talk (even thou he took a very middle of the road position to most questions) I felt a bit more positive. His leadership style is not as combative as Mike Shanahan, it seemed to me that he understands that fixing the Redskins will take input from players, staff and coach’s alike, a real team effort. His answer to the question about Sean McVay already being the next O.C. was very telling. He made a joke about it first, then gave a straight answer in a very low key but firm demeanor. My mind went right to what I think coach Shanahan would have said and I liked Coach Grudens answer better LOL. So, Am I 100% happy about Jay Gruden as the new Redskins coach, NO!, do I feel we now have a better chance to win the NFC East in 2014, YES. Does he remind me of Coach Gibbs or coach Allen, NO (which is a good thing), Am I willing to back him for 3 years and review the results, YES, Do I now have High Hopes for the Washington Redskins, SO YES! IMO Jay Coach is the type of coach I wanted to come to the Redskins, Younger, Up and Coming, Hungry for success, with a track record that say’s he could be just what we need. My concern is that it seemed that GM Allen had him in mind from day one due to a relationship that was already in place and unless your The Beatles, trying to get the band back together again is never a good idea. Archives

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