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Five questions for Jay Gruden

Jan 9, 2014, 10:56 AM EDT

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The Redskins have announced that they will have a press conference today at 4:00 to announce the hiring of Jay Gruden as their new head coach.

Here are five questions that will be asked of Gruden during today’s presser:

1. Has he talked to Robert Griffin III at any point during the process? Some thought that Griffin would have some degree influence over the hiring process. We don’t know if he did or not but if I’m Gruden I would want to spend a few minutes on the phone with the franchise quarterback before signing on the line.

2. Is Griffin the franchise quarterback or is a competition between RG3 and Kirk Cousins a possibility? Gruden reportedly wanted Andy Dalton, who is more like Cousins, over Colin Kaepernick, whose style more closely resembles that of Griffin, to be the Bengals QB taken in the 2011 draft. Might he prefer Cousins’ style?

3. Have there been decision made on which coaches will be retained? We’ll look for confirmation that Sean McVay will be the offensive coordinator and whether it will be Jim Haslett, Raheem Morris, or someone else for defensive coordinator.

4. Will the Redskins stick with the 3-4 defense they have run for the last four years or will to go to the 4-3? The Redskins could have the personnel to make the switch back without major upheaval.

5. What will the offense look like? He could stick with zone blocking or he could go with more of a power running game. And he could modify his traditional West Coast offense to better take advantage of Griffin’s speed. Archives

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