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Will Bruce Allen being in charge of personnel work for the Redskins?

Jan 1, 2014, 11:55 AM EDT


“The control will be mine.”

With those five words, Bruce Allen notified us of a seismic shift in the power structure of the Washington Redskins. Mike Shanahan’s departure left a power vacuum in the personnel decisions department and Allen stepped right into it.

Was it a good idea for Daniel Snyder to give this power to Allen, who has not demonstrated great personnel acumen in the past?

Washington Post columnists Jason Reid and Mike Wise certainly don’t think so. Reid said that Allen “doesn’t possess the player evaluation chops to overhaul a roster in disrepair”. Wise summed up Allen’s recent experience as a GM saying that “his last nine years in football have helped get two Super Bowl champion coaches canned, resulted in a 62-82 record, not one playoff win and no Hall of Famers to date in training.”

It’s difficult to argue with Reid, Wise, or anyone who is skeptical that elevating Allen into Shanahan’s duties rather than brining some fresh blood into the organization to rebuild the roster is the right move for the Redskins to make. After all, Allen didn’t just drop onto the scene from Mars; he has been the team’s GM during their span of three seasons of double-digit losses in four years. As he said, “We’re all 3-13”.

This doesn’t mean that this power structure is doomed to failure. They keys are Scott Campbell and Morocco Brown. Campbell has been in charge of college scouting and Brown scouts pro personnel.

“I see some people who have to be given an opportunity to succeed,” said Allen. “I think Scott Campbell running a college draft will be as capable as any personnel director in the NFL. I know what Morocco Brown can do in free agency. I’ve seen the grades of the players he’s given in free agency. To blame them, I think, would be unfair to not giving them an opportunity to succeed.”

You don’t have to be very adept at reading between the lines to believe that Allen thinks that Campbell and Brown gave Shanahan sound advice that the coach, in many cases, chose to disregard. Word is that Shanahan relied heavily on people he knew from outside the organization to make his

If Allen’s role is to oversee what Campbell and Brown do, ask questions and challenge their assumptions but to ultimately abide by the recommendations there is some hope of building a strong roster.

However, if Allen decides to make it his show and do what Shanahan did by going his own way and perhaps letting Snyder have a degree of influence what we could end up with is a more of the same.

Given the recent history of the team, it’s easy to see why many believe that the odds are that latter scenario will play out are. Time will tell.

  1. aprilwalker2013 - Jan 1, 2014 at 1:16 PM

    With all due respect, I will be so glad when new coach is hired so I can maybe quit reading bad things about Shanahan. I did want him to stay to finish his 5 year plan, like he told Snyder when took job. Was gonna take 5 yrs to turn around! He only got 4! If new coach does better than 5 year plan, hope Mike gets some credit but I won’t hold my breath! HTTR

  2. internetcareer - Jan 1, 2014 at 3:19 PM

    Haslett is being retained?…well who know? Maybe Shanahan forced Haslett to play defensive backs 10-15 yards off receivers or forced Haz to ONLY blitz when the Skins were behind and needed a good play to get the ball back…and maybe Shanahan forced Haslett to sit up in the press box instead of being down on the sideline….and Maybe Shanahan forced Haslett to play Bowen for several weeks with a torn MCL instead of playing Baker….and maybe Shanahan forced Haslett to play Cofield at Nose tackle even though Baker was an obvious better fit as an immovable object. I mean..maybe Shanahan did all that…….nah.

    • darrynhyman - Jan 1, 2014 at 3:45 PM

      I am not a huge haslett fan, but if that Post article was correct where Shanny was dictating defensive play calls, Haslett may not be as terrible as he has been made out to be

  3. urfinished - Jan 2, 2014 at 12:00 PM

    Real glad Allen is being paid to pass the buck. I don’t want him making personnel decisions because he has proven he is bad at it…but remind me what is his job? What does he get paid to do?
    Damn it Danny stop paying buddies and run a real company. Allen does nothing…he needs to go. Danny just does not get it.
    Haslett will be gone as soon as the new coach is hired.
    Where is Ken Whisenhunt’s name in all of this? A proven QB guru…you traded away two additional picks to get RG3…do not squander him by hiring some random defensive coordinator. Bring in Whisenhunt to rebuild him…he is one of the best in the business. Archives

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