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Redskins wrap up historically bad season

Dec 29, 2013, 6:05 PM EDT

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The 2013 Redskins season was supposed to be one of the best since the Super Bowl glory days. Instead it turned out to be one of the worst years in team history.

They lost a dreary game to the Giants 20-6 to finish the season 3-13. That was a far cry from the 10-6 division title winning year the Redskins enjoyed in 2012. More of the same was expected this year but, for reasons that will be dissected in the coming weeks, it was not to be.

The 2013 season wasn’t just disappointing, it was historically bad. You have to go back to 1994, the first year under Norv Turner, to find the last time a Redskins team won as few as three games. The team finished the season with eight straight losses. That is their longest losing streak since 1960.

Although they were competitive to the end in some of their games, the cold, hard fact is that they were outscored by a total of 144 points. That’s their worst point differential since 1954 (minus-225).

The points allowed side of that equation was the worst end of the point differential. The Redskins allowed 478 points, the most in team history.

And you can’t blame all of that on the defense; it took a total team collapse. The special teams were particularly bad, allowing three touchdowns on punt returns and one on a kickoff return. Even when the other team didn’t score they frequently flipped field position with long returns. The Redskins allowed 655 yards on punt returns, the most in the NFL.

After turning the ball over just 14 times in 2012, the Redskins finished this season with 34 turnovers. Three of them were returned for scores and many others put the defense in a bad spot.

There are many other numbers quantifying the Redskins problems this season that we can dissect over the coming weeks. It seems almost certain that the team’s performance will cost Mike Shanahan his job.

There has been talk that the Redskins might have a difficult time finding a quality coach. But whoever they do hire will have one thing going for him—the Redskins have nowhere to go but up. Archives

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