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Need to Know: Shanahan praises Redskins’ defense

Oct 15, 2013, 5:30 AM EDT


Here is what you need to know on this Tuesday, October 15, five days before the Washington Redskins play the Chicago Bears at FedEx Field.

Nickel coverage

Five quotes and notes from Mike Shanahan’s Monday news conference:

Shanahan was asked about the punt that bounced off of the legs of a Cowboys player and was awarded back to Dallas despite the fact that the Redskins pounced on the ball. The officials ruled that the player had been blocked into the ball so it’s al though he had not touched it. By the way, former NFL official Mike Pereira told Grant Paulsen of WFAN that he also thought it should have been the Redskins’ ball.

I saw it. It was a missed call. I saw it during the game, but if somebody makes a call incorrectly and that’s what they see, you can’t challenge it. So it’s just a missed call. We should have had the ball there.

Shanahan on the Redskins’ defense, which allowed a season-low 213 yards to the Cowboys.

I think I shared with you that I was very pleased with our defense. I thought it was their best game of the year by far. Any time you have that type of run defense and you go against a quarterback that’s had a lot of success and you play at that level, you feel very good. The defense gave us many opportunities to win that football game, but we didn’t take advantage of it offensively or [on] special teams. In order to win those games, you’ve got to play good in all phases, especially on the road.

David Amerson suffered a concussion on a special teams play, a kickoff that ended up being a 90-yard return for Dwayne Harris. Shanahan thinks that Amerson could have avoided the big hit and made a tackle on the play:

Well, it was definitely helmet-to-helmet. David, of course in that position, he’s going to learn in time that he’s got to hit that hole a little bit harder. He can’t wait. He’s got an excellent opportunity to go in there and make the play and that’s just a guy with a little inexperience. Next time he’s in that position, he’ll make the tackle.

On Robert Griffin III running more:

I think everybody saw that Robert did look more comfortable running the ball, making plays out of sequence. Really it’s a credit to him making some of those plays, but collectively we’ve got to get better as a team. Obviously the more he can do the better off we’ll be.

On losing long snapper Nick Sundberg for the season:

Anytime you lose a guy that you count on, it takes some work, takes some timing. If it’s on extra points and field goals, if it’s on punts, it does take some time. There’s a learning process that goes with it.

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Stat of the day

—Alfred Morris is on pace to have 230 rushing attempts this season. He had 335 attempts in 2012.


—Days until: Bears @ Redskins 5; Redskins @ Broncos 12; Chargers @ Redskins 19

—Today’s schedule: Off day, no availability                                                                     

In case you missed it

Griffin sharper running, passing needs work

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  1. rwooly34 - Oct 15, 2013 at 9:43 AM

    In my opinion, the Redskins franchise is in serious trouble. First, RG is struggling reading defenses he struggles with picking up the free man and wr aren’t on same page when blitzes occur. Secondly, the offensive line is one of the worst lines in history. Every week one of the interior lineman gets punished this week Lichtensteiger previous week chester. Lastly, giving up two first round picks for a qb that has potential is a recipe for disaster. Oh yeah and Shannahan’s play calling is brutal. They will be lucky to win 4 games this year.

    • Rich Tandler - Oct 15, 2013 at 9:47 AM

      Imagine that, a QB with 20 NFL games under his belt who is not an expert at reading defenses. What a disaster, that’s never happened before in the NFL. Well, except almost all the time, especially when said QB wasn’t really asked to read defenses much in his first year.

      O-line, if you’d watched the games, was playing pretty well as a group up until Sunday.

      Spare me the doom and gloom. Archives

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