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An impossible task for the Redskins next Sunday?

Oct 7, 2013, 11:25 AM EDT


Do the Redskins face an impossible task on Sunday when they go to Dallas to play the Cowboys on Sunday night?

If you are one of many Redskins fans that settled in on Sunday afternoon to watch the Cowboys take on the Broncos you might think so. Although Dallas ultimately lost to Peyton Manning and company they put on quite an offensive show in the process. Tony Romo completed almost 70 percent of his passes and gained just over 14 yards per pass attempt. He set a Cowboys record with 506 yards passing and he threw for five touchdowns.

Yes, Romo did throw an interception that ultimately led to a game-winning field goal with no time left. But they were only in that position because the Dallas defense couldn’t stop Manning, who had quite a game himself (414 yards, 4 TD’s).

Now the Redskins come into Big D and they are decidedly not the ’13 Broncos. They aren’t even the 2012 Redskins through their first four games. With Robert Griffin III still working to get back to form after his knee injury their offense isn’t what it was. If you take away 21 points scored by the defense Washington has just 10 first-half points all year. That won’t cut it against the Cowboys if they play like they did on Sunday. They put up 20 in the first half yesterday and 48 for the game.

They key question is, will they play against the Redskins like they played yesterday? That is one of a few factors that should give Redskins fans some hope and reason to watch on Sunday.

—Which Cowboys offense will show up? Eight days ago against the Chargers they did not resemble the fearsome juggernaut they were against Denver. Dallas scored 14 points in the first 17 minutes of play and then they were shut out the rest of the way. They lost 30-21, getting a TD on an interception return by linebacker Sean Lee. The San Diego defense, by the way, is not very good. They were ranked 27th in the NFL prior to their late-night loss to the Raiders.

—Since Mike Shanahan and Jim Haslett came to town, the Redskins have had pretty solid success against Romo. In five games against the Romo-led Cowboys (he missed one 2010 meeting with an injury) the Redskins have allowed over 20 points just twice. One of those came last Thanksgiving when the Redskins played soft in the second half to protect a 28-3 halftime lead. Since 2010 with Romo playing, the Cowboys have averaged 20 points per game against the Redskins and almost 25 per game in all of their other contests. Washington is 3-2 vs. Romo in that time.

—Regardless of how well the defense manages to contain Romo, Dez Bryant, and company, the offense is going to have to do better if the Redskins are going stay in the game. The good news is that the Washington offense has shown signs of life against the Lions and Raiders and the Dallas defense, Peyton Manning not, looked pretty bad. Griffin is not all the way back to his 2012 form but he’s getting better each week. They won’t be able to put up 51 points like the Broncos did but if they can avoid killer mistakes they could score enough to keep the pressure on the Cowboys.

The Redskins will be underdogs in this game and I’m not sure if I’m going to pick them to win. But to look at this game like it’s some sort of impossible task is off base if you look at the big picture, beyond what has transpired in the past 24 hours.

  1. Redskins don't quit - Oct 7, 2013 at 3:08 PM

    Impossible task my ass! If we contain romo from doing those god awful scrambles he does and secondary stick with their guy by not letting them get behind him *DEZ* and let the front handle their business then we have a chance! No thought the cowboys had chance to win against Denver.

  2. polofourme - Oct 7, 2013 at 3:38 PM

    Right now it sure looks that way…that was a pretty good DEN secondary and D that got their hats handed to them…Romo threw for over 500 yards..NO other DAL QB including Aikman has ever done that. It was an impressive game by DAL…I know Romo threw the interception that lost the game…but that game was so close IMO it was going to fall on which team made a critical error…it was Romo but take that aside, DAL stayed in the game and lead against DEN until the last play of the game. WAS is not anywhere near DEN either offensively or defensively…not even close. If DAL has the same success as they did against DEN, Romo might throw for 700 yard against WASs secondary. They have at least 3 receivers who can beat any of our CBs or Ss…they have a guy now who gives DAL a decent running game…and one of the hottest QBs in the NFL at home. That’s a lot to overcome….maybe a bridge to far for this WAS team but that is why they play the game. DAL IMO is playing at a high level…and WAS isn’t. Can WAS win? Sure but DAL is going to have to beat itself with sloppy play and turn overs..thats only way I can see WAS winning. Stranger things have happened. Injuries could also play a role…as it does every week….but it certainly based on how the team has played so far, it doesn’t look good.

    • waltd4 - Oct 7, 2013 at 6:29 PM

      This was not a pretty good secondary Denver is ranked dead last in passing defense and was missing a couple of players out of their secondary. Dallas lost to San Diego who lost to Oakland, which we beat so we can very well beat Dallas.

      • polofourme - Oct 7, 2013 at 7:17 PM

        So your entire logic is that because A beats and B and B beats C so A beats C….I guess that is one way to think about it…but do honestly think we can beat that DAL team at DAL? Our secondary is among the worst in the NFL so if DAL threw for over 500 yards against DAL using your logic they will throw for what 400 yard and score 4 TDs..and you think we can beat that when we struggle to score in the first half each and every game we have played? By the time we score we will be so far behind all we will be able to do is pass…and that means DAL just comes after Griffin every play. We have seen how that works out.

        • jorance72 - Oct 7, 2013 at 10:56 PM

          Impossible Polo??? Are you serious?? We beat them twice last season. Clearly we know Dallas and as far as I can tell, they haven’t added any playmakers to either side of the ball. I’m confident that the Coaching Staff with get things worked out on both sides of the ball. We have banged up players coming back and the addition of Jackson and Jenkins will only help our D. RG3 is only getting better and he played one of his best games last year at Dalls.

          I’ll make a bet with you…if the Skins win, I want you to put a positive spin on your posts for a week. Tell us why the Skins will beat the Bears and which players will have an impact on the game. If the Skins lose, I’ll take on your negative outlook and go to lengths to explain why we are no match for the Bears and have no business even playing on the same field.

          The choice is yours! Step up or shut up!

  3. Michael - Oct 7, 2013 at 6:55 PM

    If Dallas offence plays like they did vs Denver the skins have no chance. Eagles whipped the skins ass. The cowboys have better weapons then the eagles in the wide receiver and QB position. Murray has finally running the ball with heart. So if the cowboys offence plays like they did vs Denver redskins will loose in first quarter. But the cowboys play to the talent level of there opponents instead of going for the kill being a rival game you never know. But like I said if the boys come out going deep again it will be a long night for the skins

  4. oaklandred - Oct 7, 2013 at 9:43 PM

    As Tandler points out, you can’t go on one week’s scores. It all comes down to what Redskins team shows up – one that is like last year’s version for the last seven games, or one like the team that came onto the field versus the Eagles this year.

    The team reportedly is having a ‘sense of urgency’ in practice this week and has had a bye week to think about how things have gone so far. The coaches have had a chance to review everything that has been done so far this year during the bye. Meanwhile, Dallas has just had what might be a pretty draining and deflating loss to Denver; the Redskins just had a week to get refreshed and are coming off their first win. The Redskins know that one win puts them back in the thick of things in the NFC East. The Cowboys probably are overconfident looking at tape of the Redskins early games.

    Redskins 27, Cowboys 21

    • oaklandred - Oct 7, 2013 at 9:47 PM

      Also we get Jarvis Jenkins back to shore up our line depth – will he be ready to come into his own and be motivated to have a big game? Will we have packages rushing Orakpo, Kerrigan, B. Jenkins and the newly returned Rob Jackson?

  5. travdalaker - Oct 8, 2013 at 12:57 AM

    Nothing is impossible. Rivalry games can go either way. I know on paper this seems like we got our work cut out for us but we have two weeks to gameplan something up. Broncos showed that Dallas definitely has holes to exploit. I’m expecting a big game from our offense more specifically RG. If things don’t look better after a week of rest color me concerned. Game is definitely winnable.

  6. polofourme - Oct 8, 2013 at 8:07 AM

    I don’t recall saying it would be impossible to beat to DAL…if I did, that was not my intention. I just don’t think based on the way the team has played so far that its going to be a very hard struggle to beat a DAL team that seems to be firing on all eight cylinders. I don’t see how we can stop their passing attack, Their OL has really solidified. They have a big back that runs with authority and has helped balance their attack. Their D is playing good enough and they have some real bangers in their secondary. WAS hasn’t proved it can score in the first half..and we are ALWAYS playing from behind. If we get behind DAL I am afraid that will doom any hopes of winning that game. What I am saying is, if DAL plays half as well as it did against DEN a much better team than WAS, WAS is going to lose. Now does that mean its impossible for WAS to win…no not at all. Just that its going to be a lot harder for us to win than DAL..but that is why they play the game. Any team on any given Sunday can beat any other team…gees yesterday night the Jets beat ATL…tell me you picked that game. So NO not impossible just not likely.

  7. Rich Tandler - Oct 8, 2013 at 8:53 AM

    Hey, folks, I got caught up with comment approval. Only your first comment has to be approved and then you are free to post. Thanks for jumping in here.

    • EarlGunner - Oct 8, 2013 at 10:20 AM

      Thanks Rich, I’m sure everyone appreciates that.

  8. EarlGunner - Oct 8, 2013 at 10:19 AM

    I have been a Redskin fan since the 60’s, but I have to call it like I see it. If this team continues to play as it is, they have no chance of winning against a Dallas team that played as well as they did against Denver. I know everyone likes to jump on Polo’s pessimistic views, but I have to agree with what he is saying this week. Hopefully I am wrong and the Redskins have made the neccessary adjustments before Sundays game. #HTTR

  9. hailyeah1 - Oct 8, 2013 at 12:25 PM

    Tony “I Choke” Romo strikes again !!! its as simple as that!!!
    these games are strange with anything and everything happening
    lets put out the good vibes/carma not dwelling on the negetive!!!

  10. manchild157 - Oct 8, 2013 at 2:32 PM

    Keep the Cowboy’s offense off the field and when they are Haslett will need to draw up some slick blitzes to get after Romo, knock him down any chance you get, pressure him into hurries and mistakes. Play like everything is on the line because to a degree that’s where our season is now, we have to play our best ball from here out. No soft zone for our secondary, man to man with Hall on Bryant. Hoping linebackers have a field day in coverage and blitze and for crying out loud…SOMEBODY COVER WITTEN!!!!!!! Archives

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