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Need to Know: Shanahan says ‘it’s time to get away’

Oct 2, 2013, 6:19 AM EDT

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Here is what you need to know on this Wednesday, October 2, 12 days before the Redskins visit the Cowboys on Sunday night.

Nickel coverage

Five key updates from Mike Shanahan just before the Redskins took off for their bye week.

1. On the condition of Jarvis Jenkins and Rob Jackson, both back from drug-related suspensions:

“They ran well afterwards – we didn’t have a big workout today, but what we did do is we got about 25-30 plays in and then after that we ran them pretty good and they looked in good shape.”

2. Injury updates on Chris Neild and Logan Paulsen:

Paulsen: “I don’t know for sure, but he’ll get treatment all this week and we’ll find out more next Monday, but hopefully he’ll be back.” Neild: “He’s quite sore. You could tell with him just walking out there today. Again, with the week recovery time, I’m hoping he’s ready to go as well.”

3. On the balancing time to get away with thinking about football during the bye (note: the CBA mandates that players get 5 days off during the bye week):

“The thing that you’re hoping is that they run a couple of times, and we emphasize that to our players. The man upstairs is the only guy watching, but we’re hoping they get two good workouts in so we don’t lose any conditioning. It is time to get away.”

4. Talking about his confidence in his team:

“Number one, I feel very good about our football team. We’re still 1-3; 2-2 is leading the division. So it gives us a chance after the bye week, especially playing Dallas, to kind of get started all over again – play our best football after the bye week, and hopefully we can do that.”

5. Shanahan talks about why Fred Davis played only six snaps during the Raiders game:

“He didn’t practice until Friday, so it had a lot to do with the ankle. We weren’t really positive he was going to dress for the game. But with [tight end] Jordan [Reed] going down and having a couple other players go down, we thought Fred was a good insurance policy. And he stepped in there and did a good job when he was asked to play.”

Stat of the day

—This is the earliest bye the Redskins have had since 2005, when it came in Week 3. The league no longer schedules byes prior to Week 4.

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—Days until: Redskins @ Cowboys 11; Bears @ Redskins 18; Redskins @ Broncos 25

—The Redskins are on their bye, no availability this week.

Redskins have to make the best of their situation

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