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RG3, Redskins glad to take ugly win over Raiders

Sep 29, 2013, 8:56 PM EDT


It wasn’t pretty and it was closer than the final score looked but the Redskins surely don’t care. They got their first win of 2013 by rallying from a 14-0 first-quarter deficit to beat the Raiders 24-14.

They don’t care that the Raiders played their backup quarterback as Terrelle Pryor missed the game with a concussion and that starting running back Darren McFadden left the game very early with a hamstring strain.

“We had to do whatever it takes to come out of this 1-3 going into the bye week,” said quarterback Robert Griffin III.

Like the game, Griffin’s performance was not a thing of beauty. Some passes were off target, he made a few key mistakes, and he still doesn’t seem to have his scrambling legs under him. But he made some plays when he had to and he helped the Redskins rally.

For the first time this year, Griffin did not throw an interception. His final stat line was 18 for 31 for 227 yards with one touchdown and a passer rating of 91.7. Griffin gained 10 yards rushing on three carries.

It was the first time in four games this season that Griffin did not throw for more than 300 yards. It is not a coincidence that this was the Redskins’ first win of the year. The offense works best with a balance of passes and runs. They achieved that today with 32 pass plays and 32 runs.

His most highlight-worthy play came midway through the fourth quarter with the Redskins clinging to a 17-14 lead. The Redskins had just recovered a Matt Flynn fumble on the Oakland 42. On first down Griffin dropped back, looked deep, found nothing, stepped up, executed a spin move, rolled right and hit Roy Helu Jr. in stride about 10 yards downfield. Helu contributed to the highlight quality of the play by hurdling over a would-be tackler and getting a few more yards down to the 14.

It turns out the play involved some improvisation by both Griffin and Helu.

“[I] talked to the offensive line, asked them to give me a little time because we had a deep concept going. I came out of it,” said Griffin. “No. 1 and 2 (his first and second options) weren’t there so I had to pull it down and try to get to No. 4.

“They did a good job holding up on the play and then Helu actually did a great job running an off-schedule route as well. You get out that, the backside corner blitzed, that’s what made me have to step up and move out of it. Then I rolled out and got it to Helu.”

On the next play Helu dashed up the middle into the end zone to give the Redskins some breathing room.

After the Raiders initially took command of the game by scoring one touchdown on a blocked punt and another on Flynn’s 18-yard touchdown pass to Mychal Rivera, the Redskins started to climb back into it. They got the offense moving by going no-huddle on a drive that got the Redskins on the board.

After the Redskins moved to second and goal at the Raiders four, Griffin made one of his errors. Facing pass rush pressure up the middle, he just heaved the ball away and was flagged for intentional grounding. The Redskins had to settle for a 25-yard John Potter field goal.

“It’s just to give you a little spark,” Griffin said of the no-huddle attack. “It caught them off guard. It’s a curve ball you can give them every now and then.”

The next points came courtesy of the Redskins’ defense. David Amerson picked off a Flynn pass and returned it 45 yards for a touchdown and all of a sudden it was 14-10.

The two teams then reverted to what may have been good defense but probably was inefficient offense until midway through the third quarter. After Sebastian Janikowski missed a field goal, the Redskins took over on their own 42. In a drive that was some Alfred Morris running (3 carries for 29 yards and some Griffin passing (3 of 4 for 26 yards), the Redskins moved in. The payoff came on a quick third-down dart to Pierre Garçon, who made the catch and fell into the end zone.

That gave the Redskins their first second-half lead of the season at 17-14. The defense did the rest, stopping Flynn on an attempted quarterback sneak on fourth and inches to snuff out the Raiders’ last threat.

  1. hailyeah1 - Sep 29, 2013 at 9:44 PM

    wow it was ugly ,but we won had to keep up with the game on csn phone app but i could tell even by that it wasn’t pretty, now the by week ,then dallas i believe ,so we could take of climbing back to 1st place in 2 weeks!!!

  2. polofourme - Sep 30, 2013 at 11:07 AM

    And that’s just about all they did, win a game they had to win…I have always said, “a win is a win” but that’s about all I can say for this effort. If not for the fact the NFC Least is the worst division in football this win would hardly be any reason to celebrate. We beat a woeful OAK team that was without its starting QB, starting RB and starting FB….and we were behind for the first half of the game. Yes we won….it was a must win. We now have the same record as OAK….1-3. WASs O and D on paper looked improved but the fact is, OAK doesn’t have an OL…those 8 sacks as impressive as they are statistically where against a QB who has lead feet, had not started a game since being traded by GB, had no RB to hand off to…hardly an impressive feat to sack Flynn. And the O, all I can say is good enough to beat OAK. It was an ugly win…but any win at this point has to be considered better than a sharp stick to the eye but what really did we see yesterday.

    Griffin, again being run down by a DL and pressured and hit all afternoon. A D that completely disregarded the run and focused solely at getting to Flynn, ST teams errors not only on the blocked punt but on punt returns. That pass that Amerson returned for a TD was thrown so far behind the intended receiver it basically landed in his hands…so heres how I see the game…a must win we had to have against a really bad team that was leading the game for the 1st half. I cancel out the blocked punt for a score and the interception and that gives you a 17-7 win…again we cant get the O going in the first half aside from that two minute drill…a D that finally stood up a bit against an OAK O without three of its best players. Last year this team would had dominated OAK, this year we barely beat a team we should have beat bad. We have two weeks to get ready for DAL….some were complaining and I was among them about where the bye week fell this year…now IMO it came just in time…we need to get healthy and have our best players available when DAL comes to town…DAL is not OAK …even if they lose this week, they have a good QB, a good RB, a set of WRs and TE that can hurt WASs secondary. If we play like we did against OAK, we will lose that we better use the bye to get everyone healthy and restart the season with a team ready to play and determined to play much better than it did against OAK..

    • EarlGunner - Sep 30, 2013 at 2:00 PM

      You hit the nail on the head Polo. I’ve been a Redskin fan all my life and wish them the best, but this team has a ways to before they are as good as they were last year.

  3. manchild157 - Sep 30, 2013 at 2:02 PM

    Winning an ugly game is great compared to losing ugly. Right now our method of operation is not to start fast because we are being game planned for. Our strength is that we get better as the game goes on and that is a trait that all teams want. Still keeping the faith that this group of guys are good as last years but are the coaches able to make adjustments fast enough to counteract what the league is game planning for us. The negative nervous nelly’s are always going to profess ”the sky is falling”.

  4. rg3knees - Sep 30, 2013 at 3:06 PM

    I see it a little different. It was a good win thousand of miles from home and now we are setup to get back in the divisional race. Who knows what will happen if we defeat Dallas in 2 weeks. Plus I won $50 on the game so I am not complaining. The bad news from me is that RG3 looked slower that he used to be but his legs will be back next year.

  5. weneedanewcoach - Sep 30, 2013 at 7:13 PM

    WIN BABY WIN!! hey a win is a win I don’t care how it was at the end of the day it goes in the W column, its just too bad we don’t have a few more with the way our division is looking. We lucked out with an early bye week IMO we need to beat Dallast in 2 weeks and take control of things in the NFC East.
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