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Need to Know: A learning process for Amerson

Sep 27, 2013, 5:37 AM EDT


Here is what you need to know on this Friday, September 27, two days before the Redskins visit the Raiders.

Nickel coverage

Five things you need to know about from Redskins Park.

1. According to, Bill Leavy will be the referee for Sunday’s game in Oakland. He worked two Redskins games last year, the one at FedEx Field against the Falcons (a 24-17 loss) and the Thanksgiving Day game in Dallas (a 38-31 win). In both games he called more penalties against the home team than he did against the visitors.

2. It doesn’t look like Jordan Reed will be able to go in Oakland. Today in the locker room he said that his bruised quad hurt all the time and was even worse when he bent his knee. It seems like he’ll need the bye week to recover. That might be OK even if Fred Davis, who was limited in practice for a second straight day with an ankle injury. Logan Paulsen might be the best guy to start and play most of the snaps against the Raiders if the Redskins intend to run the ball early and often.

3. Rob Jackson was in the locker room today and he’s very happy that his four-game suspension is almost over. He will be able to rejoin the team on Monday. Since his suspension was under the substance abuse policy (and not under the PED policy) he has been able to work out with strength and conditioning coach Ray Wright and attend meetings at Redskins Park. “Hopefully it won’t be too hard,” he said when asked if it would be hard to knock off the rust. “What me and Ray been doing out there kept me in pretty good shape and movement, side to side, lateral things like that.”

4. The field at Coliseum (yes, that’s actually the name of the place now) will have a dirt infield at one end since the Oakland A’s, the Raiders’ co-tenants there, are still playing. Ryan Kerrigan knows that the Redskins will just have to deal with it. “I really don’t know what to expect,” he said. I haven’t played on any dirt since I played high school baseball. We’re all dealing with the same elements so it’s not an excuse if your first step isn’t as good or you lose your footing. It’s the same footing for the offensive line and tight ends we’ll be going against so we can’t really use that as an excuse.”

5. David Amerson had a rookie-type day with some nice plays mixed in with some “what was he thinking” plays. ““Yeah, I think it’s a learning process,” said Jim Haslett when asked about Amerson’s development. “Remember he’s a junior coming out, a young guy, this is really his senior year in college, so you’re going to have some of those. Obviously we don’t want to have them. We have got to eliminate those things. To be a good defense, to get back to where this football team needs to be, we’ve got to cut all those out.”

Stat of the day

—Alfred Morris has 225 yards rushing this year. Through three games in 2013 he had 263 yards on the ground. Morris currently is on pace to rush for 1,200 yards.

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—Days until: Redskins @ Raiders 2; Redskins @ Cowboys 16; Bears @ Redskins 23

—Today’s schedule: Practice 11:50; player availability and Mike Shanahan news conference after practice (approx. 1:00); Note: The Redskins will leave for California later today.

Kyle on Griffin’s interception 

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  1. rg3knees - Sep 27, 2013 at 11:25 AM

    Playing in the dirt? lol Well that does not seem very professional, can’t they just throw some sod out there to cover it up or something. I hope no of the Skins players lose their footing and twist a knee or something.

    Only problem I see with Flynn starting is if he plays like it is his last game or like he has something to prove. I could even imagine the embarrassment if Flynn torches the Skins secondary. In fact I am not going to work on Monday if that is the case. Redskins are heavy favorites to pick up their first win of the season. Although many experts will tell you the Skins were favorites to beat the Lions and ended up not getting it done.

    I wonder who is going to return kick offs for the Skins this week? How about Royster?

    • Rich Tandler - Sep 27, 2013 at 11:29 AM

      Matt Flynn may well have something to prove. But don’t the 11 guys who will be trying to stop him have something to prove as well.

      KO returner will be Paul, Thompson, or Morgan, Shanahan indicated that those were the three choices. Royster likely inactive again.

      • rg3knees - Sep 27, 2013 at 6:44 PM

        Interesting, I know Morris is the obvious starter, but I would love to see Helu and Royster get worked into the offense some. Maybe some quick screen, dump offs into the flats, or something like that. I personally really like Royster and Helu and can not figure out why they are basically not playing at all. Morris is a strong powerful downhill runner, however, he does lack the ability to get outside on the edge sometimes. Royster and Helu have very quick acceleration and are powerful when running to the edge of the field.

        Less than 48 hours to kickoff———————–HTTR—————————

        • hailyeah1 - Sep 28, 2013 at 11:49 AM

          well flynn had a career day in gb turned it into big seattle contract lost out to wilson,ended up in oak and lost out to pryor,that says something ,if he couldn’t beat out basically 2 rookies to start .lets hope he doesn’t have now and is rusty sitting on the bench.

          the dirt turf is a problem especially if it is impacted ,it will be like concrete or loose in places providing bad footing .

  2. rickjamesinfo - Sep 27, 2013 at 10:40 PM

    I hate to sound like a damn broken record but has Haslett ever thought of having corners play FIVE yards off receivers instead of 12 yards off. It seems to me that it MIGHT just cut down on those so called “quck” passes that we keep hearing about. I mean if you can’t cover for at least 2 seconds I think you have a big problem I mean it takes one second just to get past the first 5-6 yards. But if you play off 12 yards then a quick pass is caught with an instant 5 yard gain and a running head start….and we already know that HOW?….because we keep watching a re-run of it every single week with the Skins defense.

    • hailyeah1 - Sep 28, 2013 at 11:58 AM

      agree,attack them at the line ,mess up the timing ,this is getting like watching the same rerun tv show over and over and over …………………..
      can’t hasellet figure out what they are doing and adjust or is just stubborn and can’t
      at least he hasn’t used that all in texas hold-em defense ,9 man rush and 2 man to man ,we got burnt everytime . Archives

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