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Continuity should help RG3 shake rust

Sep 5, 2013, 9:25 AM EDT

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Robert Griffin III makes his much-anticipated return from reconstructive knee surgery on Monday night. Once the emotion of the moment wears off, his play will go under the microscope. Griffin will be playing after having his offseason activities limited by the knee rehab and not having played a snap in a preseason game. Will he be rusty and, if he is, how long will it take for him to shake it?

Griffin is confident that he’ll get back into the swing of things quickly. “I think everyone’s anticipating that I’ll be rusty, but that’s not the way I think,” Griffin said on Wednesday. “That’s just not how I’m built.”

We won’t know if he’s right or wrong immediately but we do know that things are set up for Griffin to get up to speed fairly quickly. The continuity of the Redskins’ offensive personnel should help him out a great deal.

Griffin will still the handing to Alfred Morris and throwing to Pierre Garçon, Josh Morgan, Leonard Hankerson, and Santana Moss just like he did for most of last year. Not only that, the same five offensive linemen who started a combined to make 89 of a possibly 90 starts in 2012 will be working in front of Griffin.

“It feels good to have the same guys around me, the same offensive line, Alfred in the backfield, and the same OC [offensive coordinator],” said Griffin.

Although he said there have been some tweaks to the offense, Griffin isn’t worried about it. “Everybody knows that, everybody’s on the same page,” he said. “That’s the great thing about being able to get out there and practice.”

Eagles quarterback Michael Vick missed all of the preseason last year and he said it took him until Week 2 until he really felt comfortable. But Vick believes that won’t necessarily be the case with Griffin.

“It that’ solely on him and how is approach is,” said Vick. “That’s going to be all in his mind, nobody can deal with it but him.”

That may be true but Griffin will be relying heavily on his teammates for help.

“These guys know I’ll lean on them and I think they are ready to make plays,” he said. “I think everybody is ready to go out and be explosive and be dynamic.”

We will see starting Monday night at about seven o’clock. Archives

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