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Cofield practices with club cast on right hand

Sep 3, 2013, 2:55 PM EDT

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Barry Cofield broke his right hand against the Steelers two weeks ago and to practice on Monday he needed some protection for it.


That’s not a boxing glove, that’s a cast and some padding to keep the hand protected on the field. When he was asked if he felt any pain, he gave a non-response that Mike Shanahan would be proud of. “I don’t feel anything,” said Cofield. “I don’t feel anything. That’s my answer.”

Although it seems almost certain that Cofield will play next Monday night against the Eagles, Cofield again was circumspect when asked the question. “It’s going to depend on the practice week I have and if the coaches are going to put me in,” he said.

Last week, Jim Haslett said that for the game Cofield might be outfitted with a cast that, unlike the club, would let him have use of the fingers on that hand.

“We haven’t decided yet”, said Cofield. “It’s going to be kind of an experimental week.”

He did not seem to be concerned about the fingers one way or the other. “However if I get out there I’m just going to play my game,” he said. “If the fingers aren’t free I’ll use the club to the best of my advantage. If I’ve got some fingers free I’ll use those fingers.” Archives

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