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Need to Know: Make or break time for some Redskins

Aug 26, 2013, 5:18 AM EDT


Here is what you need to know on this Monday, August 26, three days before the Redskins finish up their preseason at the Bucs.

Nickel coverage

Five things from Redskins Park and FedEx Field:

1. As roster cut deadlines loom and we try to figure out who will be on the 53-man roster, it is time for the annual reminder that a player who may be ailing physically can’t be placed on the PUP list to give him time to get better. There is one time and one time only that a player can go on PUP and that is at the beginning of training camp. Adam Carriker and Maurice Hurt are on PUP and they are the only two players who can be on that list. Players currently on the roster must either go on the 53, get cut, or go on injured reserve.

2. And, yes, there is the IR with designation to return that each team can use on one player per season. But in order to qualify for that, a player must have a “major” injury, defined as one that renders the player unable to play or practice for at least six weeks after sustaining the injury. This would disqualify someone like Brandon Meriweather, who is slow in recovering from a 2012 ACL tear but has been able to practice. The player must be on the initial 53-man roster and then moved to IR with designation to return. He can practice after six weeks on IR and can play after eight weeks.

3. The Redskins are back in Ashburn for two days of practice before heading to Tampa to wrap up the preseason. The practices don’t mean much to the front-line players. But to players on the bubble they could mean the difference between getting a chance to go to Florida and get one last chance to either impress the Redskins or another NFL team and going home. Unlike most coaches, Shanahan often waits until after practice to decide on the first round of cuts. That makes the practices as important as the preseason games for a couple of dozen players.

4. Great quote from Rex Grossman and it shows why the rest of the players love the guy. “I enjoyed myself. It’s football. You’re getting paid to go to recess. It’s [expletive] awesome. I enjoy myself every time I’m out there.” And Rex showed why, despite his flaws, he’s one of the best backup QB’s in the league. I’ll bet fans of the Bills and Jets, among maybe another dozen NFL teams, wish they had Rex Grossman to kick around.

5. Keiland Williams has played 42 snaps and has 16 carries in the last two games, the biggest preseason games on the schedule. It doesn’t seem like there is room for him on the 53-man roster. Perhaps the Redskins are trying to showcase him to try to get a team to offer a draft pick for him.

Stat of the day

Your preseason individual leaders:

    • Rushing Roy Helu Jr. 157 yards (27 carries, 5.8 average)
    • Receiving Aldrick Robinson 7 receptions (112 yards 16.0 average)
    • Passing Grossman 423 yards (31-58, 7.3 yards/att, 3 TD, 1 INT)
    • Ryan Kerrigan has the only interception

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—Days until: Redskins @ Bucs 3; Final cuts 5; Eagles @ Redskins 14

—Today’s schedule

    • 11:15 open locker room
    • 1:00 practice (open to reporters for first 30 minutes)
    • 3:30 Mike Shanahan news conference

Redskins control the tempo

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