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Need to Know: Can RG3 play with no preseason?

Aug 22, 2013, 5:13 AM EDT


Here is what you need to know on this Thursday, August 22, two days before the Redskins take on the Bills at FedEx Field.

You do what you have to do

Robert Griffin III will not play in a preseason game due to his injured knee. Kirk Cousins is likely to play less in the preseason than most starting quarterbacks and backup QB’s because of the foot sprain he sustained in Monday night’s Steelers game.

And it seems that a lot of people out there are concerned about this situation. How can quarterbacks get ready for the season without seeing any preseason action?

The answer is that they will be ready because they have to be.

If Griffin or Cousins can’t play in preseason games then they can’t. League rules won’t allow a team to schedule an extra exhibition game to play when an injured player is ready to play. They will have to get ready and play some other way.

Like maybe the way that they do in college. “Remember, the first time Robert has ever had a preseason game was last year,” said Mike Shanahan. “He’s never had one in college. He’s never had one in high school. You don’t have preseason games [until you get to the NFL].”

According to Shanahan, the way they get it done is through practice.

“I really believe that if you can put guys in full-speed type practice, you can get them ready for the regular season,” he said. “It happens a lot of times, mostly because of injuries.”

Although having your starting quarterback sit out all of the preseason is not an ideal situation and perhaps he won’t be as sharp as he would be with a normal workload. But they have no choice. There aren’t any preseason games scheduled until August of 2014. I don’t think they want to wait that long to let Griffin play.

So they will do what they have to do and get Griffin ready to play and get Cousins ready to back him up (or play if needed). No matter what, the Eagles are going to show up on September 9 and the Redskins will need to trot out a quarterback.

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Today’s schedule

11:15—Open locker room (interviews with players)

12:00—Jim Haslett news conferene

1:00—Practice (only first 30 minutes open to media)

After practice (approx. 3:30)News conferences with Kyle Shanahan, Mike Shanahan

RG3 think he’s on pace

In case you missed it

Days until: Bills @ Redskins 3; Final cuts 10; Eagles @ Redskins 19

  1. dduren06 - Aug 22, 2013 at 8:04 AM

    Reblogged this on NFC East Huddle and commented:
    Do you hear it coming? All in for week one.

    If you are not, you should be following Rich Tandler. Check out his post about whether RG3 needs the preseason.

  2. polofourme - Aug 22, 2013 at 3:09 PM

    If he is physically fit to play IMO he will play…but that doent mean he should play. If he does, its going to be not very pretty….but there is no way to get him ready for the following weeks..hes got to actually play at some point…he is going to look rusty..the O wont run smoothly but you could say that about any first game…some teams play their first game like they are in the POs others just need to get their feet underneath them and try and improve each week..The first regular season games are ripe for upsets…do I want to see him start without any preseason work…absolutely not. You need that work, even if its in a meaningless game where the starters only play a few series…can you get hit in practice at TC..nope…is it the same speed and energy..nope. But Griffin is in between a rock and hard place…have him get in hit and possible injured in a preseason game or leave him out to continue to strengthen his knee and let him get his feet wet in the 1st regular season game..there are plus’s and minus’s on both sides of that coin and that’s why we always seem to be operating in a grey zone…its the unknown about this team that’s the big problem. Unknowns across the board…QB, TE, OL, LB, secondary…the only thing that seems to be known is Forbath will kick fgs and Rocca will punt. That’s not how you want to enter the regular season. Archives

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