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The Week That Was: Redskins’ OL continuity rare in today’s NFL

Aug 18, 2013, 7:26 AM EDT


Here is what you need to know on this Sunday August 17, one day before the Redskins take on the Steelers at FedEx Field in preseason game No. 2.

That Was the Week That Was

—Going into this round of preseason games, 55 NFL players had suffered season ending injuries. That means that the Redskins, who lost Phillip Thomas (foot) and Keenan Robinson (torn pectoral), are right around the league average. They have yet to lose a projected starter for even a game yet, however, so their luck is holding out there just over three weeks before the start of the regular season. Last year the Redskins had the second highest total of games missed by projected starters in the NFL.

—One are where the Redskins are particularly solid is on the offensive line. When the 32 NFL teams take the field for their openers they will average 1.75 changes on their starting offensive lines. That includes both players new to the team and 2012 starters who switched positions. Eight teams will have at least three changes. The Redskins will have zero changes. And they have all five starters under contract for 2014. Continuity on the line isn’t everything but it helps and the Redskins have the potential to be in good shape there for a few more years.

—Fred Davis wasn’t the only Redskin fined after drawing a 15-yard flag in last week’s preseason game in Tennessee. Bacarri Rambo was hit for $7,875 for shoving Shonn Green after the running back had scored a second-quarter touchdown. Chris Baker was hit for $15,750 for hitting QB Rust Smith in the knees in the fourth quarter. For Rambo, who is earning the rookie minimum, the fine will eat up 33 percent of his first weekly paycheck of about $23,800.

—Jordan Reed has shown some flashes of outright brilliance during training camp. His twisting, over the shoulder catch of a Robert Griffin III pass last week was stunning. But he also has moments where he seems to be lacking in effort like when he has a chance to knock the ball away from a defensive back to prevent an interception or when a ball is thrown that perhaps could be caught by diving for it. It seems to me that he is concerned about getting injured, perhaps a justified fear since he missed all of minicamp with one injury and about a week of practice with another one. He should play on Monday, perhaps extensively, so it will be interesting to see if his, well, cautious ways continue in a game situation.

—When Bruce Allen spoke in Richmond on Friday, he said that the salary cap penalty the team was hit with for 2012 and 2013 will have “repercussions . . . down the road.” And it’s clear that the Redskins will still be paying the price next year and the new two or three if they have to renegotiate contracts in order to get under the cap this year. That will push cap dollars from this year into future years, giving them less to spend in future years. Certainly, the effects won’t be as pronounced as they have been the last couple of years but it still will shrink their available cap room by several million dollars, perhaps more.

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  1. polofourme - Aug 18, 2013 at 11:44 AM

    Continuity is very important for the OL..but the fact is we did nothing to improve the starting unit and our depth along the OL is surely suspect. IMO the success of OLs performance was in large part due to Griffins ability to avoid the rush and extend plays with his legs…TW can thank his QBs speed for his first PB experience. If it had not been for Griffins escapability the OL woud have given up a ton of sacks…much like it did when it was blocking for Grossman…that’s not to say Grossman didn’t contribute to that but go back and watch those games..Grossman like Griffin was constantly under pressure on nearly every pass play..the only difference was Grossman has feet of concrete and Griffin is fleet of foot. So with the OL not improved, thin at depth and real questions about how Griffins injury may affect his ability to run, the question has to be can this OL hold its blocks long enough for Griffin to drop back into a pocket, go thru his reads and make his pass. That IMO is the critical question for the OL…can they protect Griffin rather than him protecting them.

    • brucefan1 - Aug 18, 2013 at 5:51 PM

      Did you forget about the success this Oline had with the top-ranked running game, King of Elipses? This line is built to be one of those zone-blocking lines, built for mobility and quickness over size & strength. And as far as being a poor pass-protecting line, well their 33 total sacks was below the league average of 36+. Not horrendous.

      You claim only Rob’s scrambling abilities kept this line from giving up “tons of sacks”. I for one don’t remember him being that much of a scrambler, as opposed to an outright runner, but I’m sure he helped himself a bit. Whether he actually saved himself a ton of sacks would call for Keim-like scrutiny of game film. (Maybe he’s working on that as we speak!). But RG’s escapability does little to explain how the much more stationay K.Cousins managed to only get himself sacked THREE times in his 50 passing attempts. Again not a horrendous total.

      Perhaps you can illuminate us on who you’d get rid of? Stupid me, I LIKE ‘Steiger, Chester, & and even Montgomery (ProBowler TW is a given, right?) For most observers, the BIG question is right tackle. Happily, I’ve read good reports here and elsewhere about the work Polumbus has been doing in camp. (But maybe anything is an improvements with him?Haha)

      Finally as far as being “thin at depth” I think Rich (and Tark too?) have made mention of the big improvement Gettis & Compton have shown this off-season. (Hope they’ll correct me if I wrong) And while LaRibeus seems to be trending down a bit, I THINK the coaches still have high hopes for him. No?

      Let me conclude Polo by saying I really enjoy reading your posts; ya got a style all your own. Keep ’em up! I while I don’t say the Skins line is one of the NFLs elite (yet) I just don’t think your characterization of them gives them any of the credit I feel they deserve. But I’ve been wrong before!

      • redskinsnameisheretostay - Aug 18, 2013 at 7:14 PM

        This same dude claimed he saw TW getting beat on a regular basis. Trent Williams gave up 4 QB sacks, 2 QB hit, and 18 hurries. If RG3 was actually avoiding a ton of sacks then there would be far more QB hurries and QB hits, I don’t think this guy Polo is basing anything on facts. I looks like to be it is selective perception coming from his own mind. I want to see him provide some numbers to his grand theory.

  2. rtandler - Aug 18, 2013 at 3:10 PM

    Recall that the Redskins were operating under a salary cap penalty that greatly hindered their ability to upgrade in many areas, including the offensive line. They weren’t bad last year, more middle of the pack and should get better with another year under their belts. The OL is among the least of the team’s worries, IMO.

  3. geemoney713 - Aug 18, 2013 at 5:05 PM

    I know you’re cranking these things out every day so it’s gotta be difficult to keep them proofread. If I wanted to inform you of typos on this site or on CSN Washington, could I? Or do you not really care since the general message still gets out?

    I’m not an English professor, but I definitely find myself tripping on reading stuff on CSN pretty frequently cause of typos.

    “One are where the Redskins are particularly solid is on the offensive line.” Archives

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