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Need to Know: Coach, QB agree on what’s important

Aug 13, 2013, 6:34 AM EDT


RICHMOND—Here is what you need to know on this Tuesday, August 13, six days before the Redskins host the Steelers at FedEx Field

RG3, Shanahan agree on the big goal

If there was any doubt that Robert Griffin III and Mike Shanahan disagree on the pace of the quarterback’s rehab program it was removed on Monday.

“I can’t BS that answer,” said Griffin when asked if he likes the program that he has been following. “No, I don’t like it, but there is some part of it that I do understand. I don’t understand all of it.”

“That’s my job, not necessarily to do what he likes, but to do what’s the best thing for him and this organization,” said Shanahan in his press conference several hours later. “My job is to get him ready for the first game and that’s what we’re hoping we can do.”

So we have a quarterback who wants to go full steam ahead and a coach who won’t let him. But in the last sentence of Shanahan’s response says that they agree about what is really important.

Griffin:  “There is no doubt that I’m playing Week 1. That is just the way I feel about it.”

Shanahan: I’ve already said this: my plan, hopefully our game plan, is to play him Week 1. I want to play him Week 1.”

So they agree on the main goal, Griffin playing against the Eagles at FedEx Field on September 9. Everything else is process.

Does it really matter if Griffin takes 11 on 11 snaps today, as the quarterback said he would, or tomorrow, as Shanahan said he will?

Will it matter if Griffin takes a few series in the third preseason game, as he said he wants to, or if there is “no possibility” of that happening, as Shanahan said?

In terms of substance, the answer to both is no. Sure, such differences of opinion will generate headlines and provide radio talk show topics and extended segments on SportsCenter and NFL Network. But all of that will be forgotten if what really matters has the outcome that Shanahan and Griffin both desire.

What really matters is that both the player and the coach want No. 10 behind center against the Eagles. The rest is process.

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Today’s schedule (all practices open to the public at the Bon Secours Washington Redskins Training Center)

10:00—Walkthrough practice, players available to media coming off the field

3:20—Full practice, players available to media coming off the field

5:30 (approx.)—Mike Shanahan news conference

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