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No firm plans for practice bubble for Redskins in RVA

Aug 12, 2013, 2:55 PM EDT


RICHMOND—The rainstorms that led to the cancellation of two practices last week have brought up the subject of when there might be an indoor practice facility for the Bon Secours training center. The answer is that while one may be constructed one day, the Redskins may just have to get used to the idea of weather having an effect on their practice schedule during training camp for as long as they are in Richmond.

There is space set aside for a bubble, although that space would not allow for the construction of a facility with a 100-yard field. When asked on Saturday if the Redskins were going to build one, Mike Shanahan took his answer in another direction. But Bruce Allen was more direct in May.

During a media tour of the facility, still under construction at the time, Allen told the media that Richmond’s indoor football team, the Raiders, would have to commit to using the bubble during some of the 49 weeks out of the year that the Redskins are based in Ashburn. Otherwise, building one just isn’t economically feasible.

“[An indoor facility] was part of the discussion at the very beginning, 7 or 8 months ago, but it was not a prerequisite,” said Allen.

So while getting some protection from the elements is something that could happen down the road it seems to be far from a certainty. Archives

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