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Garçon puts in extra work

Jul 31, 2013, 12:44 PM EDT

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RICHMOND–Some might think that Pierre Garçon has it made. He signed a $42 million free agent contract with the Redskins a year ago. His value to the team was pretty clearly established last year when they went 9-1 with him in the lineup and 1-5 without him.

But Garçon apparently believes that he still has some work to do and at times he’s taking advantage of whatever opportunity he has to get it done.

The morning walkthrough is not the most exciting part of the day. The players spend a little over an hour going through the plays they saw on the board in meetings at about half speed, maybe a little slower. At any given time, there are 11 offensive players going through the plays while 11 more are lined up to simulate the defense. That leaves a couple of dozen other offensive players as spectators. They will watch what is going on or chat among themselves.

But not Garçon, not today anyway. He spent a good chunk of the down time perfecting his craft. With an assistant throwing him the ball, Garçon first worked with his back to the passer. He turned around as the ball was in the air to try to catch it. After doing that for a while he practiced catching the ball with one hand, looking it in all the way.

Those 15 minutes spent honing his craft won’t win the Redskins a Super Bowl, or even a regular-season game. But the sight was an indicator that Garçon knows that he can get better and he’s willing to put in the work needed to improve. Archives

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