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Don’t look for an RG3 practice schedule

Jul 23, 2013, 3:13 PM EDT

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Robert Griffin III said that the Redskins are going to “ease me in” to practice when training camp starts on Thursday.  Don’t expect to find out exactly what is meant by that any time soon.

While Mike Shanahan and Redskins head trainer Larry Hess are likely to prepare an outline for when they would like to see RG3 do what. But don’t expect them to announce that they intend to have him participate in 11 on 11 work on August 5 or have him play in the second preseason game.

The reason we won’t find anything out about the outline is simple. There is nothing to be gained by talking about it and the potential downside is huge.

Let’s say they made that announcement that August 5 was the day for RG3 to take snaps in 11 on 11 drills. Extra media from all around the country would book flights to see this big event. Fans would call in sick to work so that they can be there.

But maybe as that day got closer there is a little more swelling in RG3’s knee than they would like. Or maybe it isn’t even that severe, maybe just a little discomfort in the knee. In any case, they decide to wait on full participation for Griffin.

The news would be treated as an utter disaster by the media and “setback” would be trending on Twitter. Every member of the team would get asked about it and a major distraction would ensue.

Instead, any recovery outline will be referred to only in the vaguest of terms by Shanahan. Any information on it will be given out on a “need to know” basis. And, I hate to tell you this but Shanahan will determine that you and I don’t need to know it.

Information will dribble out day to day so patience will be a must. Archives

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