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Need to Know: Four possible RG3 scenarios

Jul 22, 2013, 6:21 AM EDT

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Here is what you need to know on this Monday, July 22, three days before the Redskins start training camp.

The four possible RG3 scenarios

We don’t know exactly what will happen on Wednesday when Dr. James Andrews examines Robert Griffin III’s right knee. That’s the day before training camp and the extent of Griffin’s participation in the upcoming two-a-day practices will be mapped out from there.

But we can narrow the outcome down to four possibilities. Let’s take a look at them and the chances that each will happen

Griffin is not cleared and is put on the Physically Unable to Perform list (PUP)—This would mean that Andrews determines that complete rest for a while longer is the best course. Griffin would be able to continue his rehab and attend practices but he could not participate in any way. Despite the progress we saw from Griffin in OTA’s and minicamp and multiple reports of progress in the six weeks since then, this is still a possibility.

Griffin is cleared but still placed on PUP—This could be a precautionary move that the Redskins could make for a few days or a week just to make sure that he is good to go and to reduce the punishment that the knee will take over the course of the two and a half weeks of training camp. There is not much of a chance that this will happen.

Griffin is cleared and practices with restrictions—This seems to be the most likely outcome here. Even though the quarterbacks wear the yellow “no-contact” shirts, there is always the possibility of accidental contact during a drill when 21 other men, many of them very large, are going full speed. Griffin could be permitted to participate in individual drills, throw some passes to teammates and practice his play action fakes but get held out of the 11 on 11 stuff for anywhere from a few weeks to the duration of training camp.

Griffin is cleared and is a full go—Perhaps Andrews will find that Griffin is indeed “superhuman” (Andrews’ word from a few months ago) and that he is fully recovered six and a half months after reconstructive knee surgery. He could find no medical reason to restrict Griffin from doing anything. This will leave the ball in Mike Shanahan’s court and the coach will have to determine the risk-reward of putting Griffin out there with the big, highly competitive bodies. This is well within the realm of possibility but there are too many variables to get a good handle on how likely it is that Griffin will get the full green light.

What do you think the Redskins should do with Griffin? Let us know in today’s open thread.

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