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Getting to 10

Sep 6, 2009, 11:23 AM EDT

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Zorn and Campbell have to find 10 wins

Zorn and Campbell have to find 10 wins

The magic number for the 2009 Washington Redskins is 10. That is the number of wins that will satisfy most fans, will almost assuredly keep Jim Zorn in the head coaching position, land Jason Campbell a new contract, and make almost everyone believe that the team is heading in the right direction.

How can they get there? Here is one possible road map:

–Split in the division. Sure, it would be nice to go 4-2 against the NFC East but that’s a pretty tall order. While I think that they Eagles are being overhyped somewhat, they will be tough. Even though the Giants are trying to replace Plaxico with a receiver by committee approach they still have the defense and running game to get it done. The Cowboys are in disarray but hardly a pushover. It looks like 3-3 is realistic while 4-2 would be a bonus.

–Win all of the games they should win. When it comes down to it, the failure to take care of business against a couple of pretty bad teams, the Rams and Bengals, is what cost the Redskins a spot in the playoffs in 2008. They have to sweep their games against the Rams, Lions, Bucs, Chiefs and Broncos. The game in Oakland on December 13 could be in the should-win category if the Raiders have imploded by then.

–Take care of business at home. The only non-division, non-creampuff game the Redskins have is against the Saints on December 6. That shapes up as a battle of a high-powered offense against a stout defense. It’s outside in December and that should favor the defense. The Skins need this one.

–Pull an upset. Depending on the disposition of the Raiders, the Redskins may have to pull an upset to get to 10 wins. The games at Carolina, Atlanta, and San Diego should see the Redskins go in as clear-cut underdogs. It’s likely that they will need to turn in to road warriors and steal one on that list.

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