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53.1—Defense and specialists

Aug 26, 2009, 9:05 AM EDT

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Reed Doughty seems to have a spot nailed down

Reed Doughty seems to have a spot nailed down

Halfway through the preseason schedule I’m taking a look at the predictions I made for the final 53-man roster just before training camp started. The players listed are the original picks to make it with discussion and revisions underneath. Yesterday, the offense. Today, the defense.

Defensive Backs—On the roster (9): DeAngelo Hall, Carlos Rogers, Fred Smoot, LaRon Landry, Chris Horton, Kevin Barnes, Justin Tryon, Kareem Moore, Reed Doughty. Last off: Byron Westbrook

As a group they haven’t looked all that good in preseason, giving up a lot of third and long completions despite a good pass rush. As a result, many of the backups have looked shaky from time to time so it’s hard to say that any of them have locked down a roster spot. Still, there doesn’t seem to be any reason to change from the original group.

Linebacker—On the roster (7): Rocky McIntosh, London Fletcher, Brian Orakpo, H. B. Blades, Robert Henson, Robert Thomas, Alfred Fincher. Last off: Cody Glenn

This still seems to be pretty well set. There only are nine LB’s in camp—that’s counting Orakpo and Chris Wilson as half a linebacker and half a defensive end—so Glenn, who likey is practice squad bound, and Darrel Young are the only ones predicted to be released.

Defensive Line—On the roster (10): Phillip Daniels, Albert Haynesworth, Cornelius Griffin, Andre Carter, Kedric Golston, Anthony Montgomery, Chris Wilson, Jeremy Jarmon, Lorenzo Alexander, Rob Jackson. Last off: Renaldo Wynn, Alex Buzbee.

I’m still not moving off of Wynn not making the roster; in fact, the play of Jarmon, who has demonstrated surprising pass-rushing ability, has convinced me even more that there just isn’t room for Wynn. Had they know in the spring that they would be getting Jarmon they would not have brought Wynn back. You have to like the play of tackle Antonio Dixon but a practice squad berth likely awaits him. Jackson probably is safe unless they carve out a roster spot for someone like Dominique Dorsey by running with nine DL (counting hybrid DE/DL Wilson as a lineman and Orakpo as a linebacker).

Specialists—On the roster (3): Ethan Albright, Hunter Smith, Shaun Suisham. Last off: Dave Rayner.

Unfortunately, there hasn’t been much of a kicking battle due to the dearth of scoring opportunities generated by the Redskins offense. Every game minute that goes by without a field goal attempt favors the incumbent, Suisham. Archives

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