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Skins-Steelers: No reason to get wee-weed up

Aug 23, 2009, 5:14 PM EDT

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It doesn't look like Daniel jumped over Brennan

It doesn't look like Daniel jumped over Brennan

  • There’s no reason to get, in the words of our President, all wee-weed up over Jason Campbell going one for seven for 10 yards passing. I hate to break this to you but there will be a few games this season that he goes one for seven in the first few series. He then will find his rhythm and start completing passes. To be sure, there will be reason to be concerned if he comes out of the New England game with a passer rating that’s not much higher than his jersey number.
  • I appreciate all of the Colt Brennan fans that read this blog but I’m afraid I have done him and those fans a great disservice. The Cult of Colt was starting to reel me in and I started to sing his praises. That’s frequently is the kiss of death. If you live by the star performance against the third team in the preseason then you die by poor performance in the same situation. That being said and despite Chase Daniel’s good game, I still think that there’s no question that Brennan makes the team. Daniel is practice squad bound at best. At the same time, let’s cool the talk about Colt being ready to step in as the starter or even to challenge Todd Collins for the backup role.
  • The Redskins’ backup left tackle for the season may not yet be on the roster. Devin Clark was shaky there last week against the Ravens’ scrubs. With Clark out with a knee problem Jeremy Bridges played left tackle for the last three quarters of the game. Although the offense went fairly well, Bridges got whipped a few times. Here’s what John Keim said about his performance:

Bridges is a bad tackle. No other way to say it. He needs to be a guard, as we’ve said since, oh, the first day of camp. He let a linebacker slap him to the outside and get inside of him. Bridges does not redirect well; his feet were planted in cement. Another time the end destroyed Bridges, driving him back deep into the backfield.

  • The annual call for Marcus Mason to make the roster has begun. I think he runs pretty well but to be a backup running back you have to be able to play special teams. That’s why Rock Cartwright is safe and Mason will struggle to find a spot on the final roster.
  • Speaking of teams, they weren’t very special at all, especially on kick returns. I thought that the fact that other teams can’t use a wedge was going to cut down on long returns. Somebody forgot to tell the Steelers that.
  • I don’t know where Thomas Boswell gets his typical sampling of the feelings of Redskins fans, but it’s not from anyplace that I hang out. In his column about the football game (did he miss a turn while trying to get to Nationals Park last night?) he warns Redskins fans not to get too giddy over last night’s game. Here’s what he said about the most skeptical fan base in the NFL:

The most perilous word, when it comes to Redskin Universe (“nation” isn’t big enough) is the word “good” and all the variations that can be played on it: very good, playoff good and, most lethal of all, Super Bowl-good.

As soon as the Redskins do anything that incites the faithful to use superlatives, or even think such thoughts in the solitude of their burgundy-and-gold basement lairs (been there), the mischief starts all over again.

As the Redskins and their fans start their annual pursuit of NFL Nirvana, it’s essential to hold one thought in mind, annoying and antisocial as it seems: The Redskins are not very good.

Certainly, most around town will be happy if the Redskins get off to a hot start again. People were excited last year when the Redskins were 6-2 but I don’t think that many non-refundable deposits for Super Bowl trips were lost. There was a healthy dose of skepticism present along with the giddiness.

  • I didn’t know that there was a post office at FedEx Field but there must be since it’s apparent that Mike Wise mailed in his column from there last night. First he wonders why he wasted time going to the game which immediately makes the reader wonder why he wasted the time to read a column with a picture of Wise at the top. He then goes on to deliver an “indictment” of Redskins fans for finding something better to do on a Saturday night than sit in the rain and watch a scrimmage that counts for nothing. Sure, Steeler fans are more loyal; two Super Bowl wins in four years will do that to a fan base. I don’t recall a huge presence of black jerseys the last time the Steelers were in for a preseason game, in 2005. Do you think that maybe the fact that Pittsburgh hadn’t won a Super Bowl since that 1979 season had anything to do with that?
  1. Perry Fairchild - Aug 24, 2009 at 11:57 AM

    I’m have to disagree with your assessment that Brennan is a lock at number #3 QB. Daniel is hands down a better QB for several reasons. He has always made quick accurate decisions, his throwing accuracy is uncanny, there is no comparison between the mechanics of the two, and finally he is very intelligent. You characterized Daniel as a young gun slinger who doesn’t know better. You are dead wrong about that. He has always read defenses quicklyand made sound decisions and delivered the ball on time and on target. Daniel played better and faster compitition in the Big 12 vs. the weak WAC. And, last but not least he will simply out work you. He thrives under pressure. His quiet confidence is real. Chase is cool as a cucumber under the gun. I like Brennan but unfortunately he can’t hold a candle to Daniel…period.

  2. tdbowles - Aug 24, 2009 at 12:20 PM

    I agree with your thoughts about Mike Wise. I usually like his columns, but his opinions were so unimaginative. First of all, being at the game, I can say that there were mroe ‘SKins fans as STeeler fans. I will add though that there were way too many Steeler fans. Of course, a team’s success has a lot to do with it. In the eighties, when the REdskins rolled the Eagles consistently, I used to go to Philadephia annually and actually bought ticckets at the stadium. Veterans stadium was filled with REdskins fans. Things go in cycles, but as a season ticket holder, I do wish that folks would stop selling their tickets all the time. I know there’s traffic, high food prices, etc., but that’s how it is at all NFL stadiums. anyway, good point about Mike Wise’s column, bad job.

  3. Rich Tandler - Aug 24, 2009 at 4:41 PM

    Where did I say that Daniel is a gunslinger who doesn’t know better?

    If Brennan is holding a candle up to Daniel he’s reaching down to do so. Chase’s height works against him in a big way. I also think that the fact that Brennan has a year in Zorn’s system is a big strike in his favor as well.

    I have to agree that Daniel has mechanics that are much more NFL grade than are Brennan’s. And I was impressed with his cool and with his confidence.

    Daniel has parts of two more games and about six more practices to beat out Brennan. I’ll stick with my original call but I’ve been wrong before? Archives

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