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Warpath Confidential: QB articles X 2

Aug 10, 2009, 6:04 PM EDT

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Colt Brennan

Colt Brennan speaks with Warpath Confidential

One of the cool things about being associated with a site like is that when you want to write an article on a subject but you’re kind of stuck on a slant, there’s always one over there that captures the essence of the subject. So instead of me coming up with something lame (no cracks out there about that being the standard here, now) I can just point you over there and you can be enlightened by one of the solid pros writing over there.

In one, Editor John Pappas recounts a conversation with Colt Brennan about the QB’s play in the scrimmage on Saturday. It’s a must-read for members of the Cult of Colt and others, like me, who are interested in his progress but not yet ready to proclaim him the starter and bemoan the fact that the Pro Bowl isn’t in his home state of Hawaii this year.

But I digress. Here is John’s article on Colt:

Colt’s Corner—Assessing the Scrimmage

And there’s also a short one about how the QB depth chart looks now and how it is likely to look on Sept. 14.

The Quarterback Shuffle

Enjoy, and tell ’em I sent ya. Archives

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