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Redskins will (again) say no to Vick

Jul 28, 2009, 7:30 AM EDT

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I wasn’t going to do it.

I wasn’t going to write anything on the subject of Michael Vick joining the Washington Redskins. But when dozens of tweets go out on the subject, when my Facebook post about my article about the offensive line generates a string of Vick comments, when a Google search for “redskins vick” news turns in over 2,200 results, when the lead story of Pro Football Talk this morning is “Don’t rule out” Vick to the Redskins, it’s time.

There are a few reasons why this won’t happen. According to Florio in his PFT article, the Redskins would sign Vick to run him in the Wildcat formation 10-12 times a game and then let him compete for the job if Campbell leaves after his contract is up. The problem with that scenario is that Jim Zorn is not about to jump on the Wildcat bandwagon. He doesn’t like it; he wants his team focusing on getting the hang of the base offense before running any gimmicks. And if he did want to run it he has the perfect player to do it on the roster already in former Indiana quarterback Antwaan Randle El.

Even if Zorn liked the Wildcat, the last thing this team needs is the distraction of the media hysteria that would descend on Ashburn in exchange for getting a player who might play a dozen snaps a game. As Ryan O’Halloran said in the Times, “If Dan Snyder truly wants to give Jim Zorn every chance to succeed, he won’t sign Vick and the 10-ring circus that will come with it.”

There are plenty of other reasons which I outlined back in June, when John Keim reported that the Redskins had ruled out bringing in Vick.

I suppose there is a chance that Vick will wind up in Washington. But there’s also a chance that a meteorite will land in the reflecting pool today, too. Archives

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