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Hello Goodbye Renaldo Wynn?

Jul 18, 2009, 6:39 AM EDT

A new player added to the mix on an NFL team means that the job of at least one other player is threatened. NFL rosters are a zero sum game. For each opportunity given to a draft pick or free agent signing, one is lost by another, usually older, player.

After the April draft I like to take a look at the veterans have had their potential replacements drafted onto the team, the guys who should start working out a little harder, who should perhaps contemplate life after the Washington Redskins. After this rare July draft, there clearly is a target on the back of one veteran player.

The addition of Jeremy Jarmon gives the Redskins three players who, under the current defensive scheme, are suited to playing left defensive end—Jarmon, Phillip Daniels, and Renaldo Wynn. Daniels is the starter while Jarmon will make the roster.

Is there room for Wynn?

Wynn is a good player to have on the roster. He is a leader, a class act and he probably has something left in the tank. He’s spent a season each as a Saint and a Giant since the Redskins cut him in training camp just prior to the 2007 season.

But, even counting Brian Orakpo as a linebacker, Jarmon is the ninth defensive end on the roster. It would be a stretch for them to keep five. Andre Carter is the other starter. Jarmon is guaranteed a roster spot. Somebody has to back up Carter on the right side so Alex Buzbee and/or Chris Wilson have to stick. Do you stick with Wynn at the expense of Rob Jackson, on whom you’ve already spent a year of development? Or do you even tie up that fifth roster spot on a DE knowing that Orakpo will be spending some time there?

Another way to look at it is that two defensive ends, Jason Taylor and Demetric Evans, are gone from last year’s team. Daniels, who spent last year on injured reserve, and Jarmon are two additions. Add Orakpo into the equation and you have no seats left at the table.

It will be interesting to see who gets released when Jarmon is signed to a contract. It could be one of the camp fodder type DE’s like J. D. Skolnitsky or Derek Walker. Or it could be Renaldo Wynn. If he’s not going to make the team, that would at least give him a chance to catch on with another team. And if he’s going to retire he can do so prior to going through a 13th season of training camp.

  1. Anonymous - Jul 18, 2009 at 4:00 PM

    at is a good point.. i was originally going to say that Wynn gets kept until the final cut because guys get injured in camp ( see Daniels and Buzbee) and Wynn will likely make the team if Jackson/Buzbee/Jarmon or one of the other projected keepers gets hurt

    on the other hand, unless guys like Skolnitsky or one of the others looks like they actually have a shot at making the roster, keeping Wynn will likely deprive him of much of a chance of making another team because he will last until the final round of cuts in terms of ability.

    so what do they do ? Wynn might take the issue out of their hands and asked to be released early, rather than late. But, if they do that, and one of the projected roster players gets hurt, we could
    end up potentially thin at the DE position when all the smoke finally clears..

    So, for that reason, i think they keep Wynn to fight it out over the final spot


  2. mrjl - Jul 19, 2009 at 9:11 AM

    While there's a chance Wynn might be released there's also a chance Daniels might not recover enough to start.

  3. Florida_Skin - Jul 19, 2009 at 12:56 PM

    I say they keep Wynn for sure. When he shows up to camp in shape he will still be a better option as as a 35yr old DE than most camp fodder. As mentioned earlier, with all of possible injuries to come it will just be a matter who can stay healthy. Archives

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