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Redskins say no to Vick

Jun 11, 2009, 9:39 PM EDT

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After considering the possibility of signing Michael Vick, the Redskins quickly decided against making that move.

The news, coming from John Keim at the Washington Examiner, isn’t surprising. In fact, I would say that it wasn’t exactly man bites dog news, but that would be a bad pun of questionable taste.

Other than the fact that there really isn’t a place for Vick, the primary reasons for rejecting him are location, location, location.

The location of Washington, D. C., the political correctness capitol of the world, would make Redskins games a magnet for protests. They’re in enough trouble among the PC crowd for the team name. Adding a convicted dog killer to the mix would make it toxic.

The other two location factors in play have to do with the location of Newport News, Vick’s home town. First, the further away Vick is from the old crowd, the atmosphere that helped make him think it was a good idea to spend his NFL offseasons playing the dual role of owner and henchman for a dog fighting ring, the better. And on top of that, the headquarters for PETA is in Norfolk, just a few hours by car from the entrance to Redskins Park. This would virtually assure a 24/7 circus in Ashburn.

There was one other nugget in Keim’s piece that I did not realize. Vick and Jason Campbell share the same agent. It would not be a good situation for Joel Segal to have two quarterbacks on the last year of their deals competing for playing time on the same team. It shouldn’t matter, but it does. Archives

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