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Have they hit rock bottom?

Dec 20, 2008, 10:03 PM EDT

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A little behind here, but here goes with a quick prediction.

I do think that the Redskins have a shot here. They hit rock bottom last week against the Bengals. They have no place to go but up.

The question is have they rebounded enough to beat the hot Eagles?

Probably not, unless a few things change in a span of seven days.

Jim Zorn needs to come out of his shell when it comes to calling plays and mix things up a bit more. Hopefully, he learned a few new tricks in the past couple of weeks, things like play action on third and short, bootlegs, a no-huddle QB sneak on fourth and one. NFL teams do these things and they work more often than not.

Jason Campbell needs to loosen up a bit and risk throwing an interception or even two. If he’s going to take the next step, he needs to take some chances.

Clinton Portis needs to run with reckless abandon. OK, well, that’s a given since he does that every time he touches the ball. But another 140-yard performance, or even 90-100 yards, would go a long way towards slowing down that Eagles pass rush.

In short, the Redskins need to play with abandon, as though they have nothing to lose. Because, well, in the past six weeks they’ve already lost it all.

They will give the Eagles a battle, but in the end the team with something to play for will pull away.

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