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Redskins Giants First Quarter

Nov 30, 2008, 2:41 PM EDT

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13:15—Not a very aggressive first series there for Zorn. A four-yard pass to Thrash, who has no RAC ability, on third and six isn’t exactly pushing the envelope. It resulted in a three and out and a quick punt back to the Giants.

Toomer 40 pass from Manning (Carney kick)
Giants 7, Redskins 0

That was too easy for the Giants. Manning easily converted a couple of third and long situations, primarily because he had all day to throw the ball. Smooth was with Toomer on the TD pass, but he didn’t make a play on the ball. It goes without saying that the Skins can’t get into a shootout here.

8:58—A quick slant to Moss batted away at the line, Portis up the middle for one and then a six-yard pass to Cooley on third and nine that time. I know you have to watch out for the pass rush and all, but come on, Jim. The defense had better tighten up or this could be over in a hurry.

3:23—The Redskins are generating no pass rush at all. Manning has time to survey the field a few times over.

2:42—That is, until Montgomery gets a hold on Manning’s jersey for a sack on third and goal, setting up a field goal try.

FG Carney 31
Giants 10, Redskins 0

2:11—They just assessed Ryan Boschetti for five yards for an illegal fair catch on a kickoff. At least he didn’t try to run with it ala Pete Kendall. Still, cut the guy some slack, he was watching on TV a week ago.

0:57—Back to back first downs, with the second coming on a nice pass to Moss on which Campbell had some nice touch. The Redskins are in Giants territory.

End of first quarter
Giants 10, Redskins 0 Archives

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