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Live blog on Sunday with a new twist

Nov 29, 2008, 6:00 AM EDT

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It’s a home game, so I’m trying a new work-around for the Wi-Fi disabled press box at FedEx Field. If you look to the left sidebar, you’ll see a new box for updates via Twitter.

Twitter is a dumb name for a pretty cool and useful service. It’s a social network service that lets you send the world messages in 140-character units. The messages are supposed to be an answer to the questions “what are you doing now?”, but they can be anything, including updates about the Redskins.

So, if something urgent happens like an injury update or any other information that needs to get out in between the quarterly updates of the blog, I can fire it off and you can see it in the box.

Of course this new toy will supplement the quarterly updates, it will not replace them. Look for them at the end of each period. Archives

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