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Brace for another invasion of FedEx

Nov 10, 2008, 12:34 PM EDT

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Since what happened on the field last Monday night when the Washington Redskins took on the Pittsburgh Steelers was eminently forgettable, the lasting memory of that game will be the sight of the hoards of towel-waving, black-jersey-clad Steeler fans who were all over the stands that night. The estimates vary, but the lowball guesses have it at 10% to 15% of the crowd, or 9,000 to about 13,500.

Get ready for it to happen again when the Dallas Cowboys come to town on Sunday night.

A check of the listings on StubHub, the official fan to fan ticket reseller of the Washington Redskins, reveals that as of Monday morning there are 1,194 listings for tickets for sale for the Redskins-Cowboys game. Most of the listings are for two tickets but a substantial number are for three or four, so I’ll make a lowball estimate of 2.5 tickets available per listing. That adds up to just shy of 3,000 seats that are available to Cowboys fans.

Clicking over to eBay, a search for the event reveals 735 ticket listings. Like the StubHub listings, most of them are offering two tickets but some are for more. But some of them are for parking passes only, so we’ll go with an estimated average to two seats per listing. That adds another 1,500 seats available to Dallas fans.

Another popular ticket exchange is on Craigslist. A search for Cowboys under tickets in Washington DC reveals 502 listings. Some are for parking passes, a few are looking for tickets so we’ll estimate two available seats per listing. That’s another 1,000 tickets that Cowboy backers could snatch up.

So just on those three outlets six days before the game, there are approximately 5,500 seats available for Dallas fans to buy. There are dozens of other ticket resellers. If Dallas fan attendance at past games at FedEx is any indication, thousands of Cowboys backers already have secured tickets to this one.

It’s not unreasonable to think that there will be 10,000 silver and blue clad fans in the seats on Sunday night in what is shaping up to be the biggest game of the year for the Redskins.

I hope that the Redskins are preparing to use the silent count again this week.

  1. breed16 - Nov 10, 2008 at 3:36 PM

    Simma down now. Why would this game be any different from any Cowboys games of the past 10 years at FedEx? Sure there are silver and blue pockets, but they don’t make nearly the noise Steelers fans do, and people are less inclined to miss the Dallas game. I’ve been to the past four in a row. Trust me, it won’t even be close to the Steelers debacle.

  2. BluCollar Redskin - Nov 10, 2008 at 4:37 PM

    I don’t see this as being any different than it always is. Monday Night was by ALL accounts something no body had ever seen happen with Skins’ home game before. The idea that it will be duplicated, is a bit of a reach.

    Besides, it doesn’t matter what the fans do, what matters is what the TEAM does on the field. If the Skins had taken care of business against the Steelers, there wouldn’t have been the opportunity for those Steelers fans to get into it. The same thing will be the case on Sunday Night.

    ‘Boys fans won’t have anything to cheer about and “be seen” if the Skins just do what they do!

  3. wtfree3 - Nov 10, 2008 at 6:45 PM

    This is what is going to happen when you continue to price up on the ticket packages. Folks are going to sell out part of their package to help cover some of the cost, particularly for games that would have high demand from the opponent’s fans. Did you hear the Packers fans in the Minnesota/GB game yesterday? I think they were louder than the Steeler fans were for the MNF game.

    It’s a new world out there. Time to get used to the invasion of the opponent’s fans.

  4. David Alison - Nov 10, 2008 at 7:23 PM

    Add to that the blast sent to Redskins season ticket holders just this morning:

    Due to visiting team returns, a limited number of tickets are available for this Sunday’s game against the Dallas Cowboys.

    I get one of those before every game. I agree with the others though – I’ve been to most games over the last 6 years I’ve had tix and NEVER seen it like that before. Archives

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