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Redskins Steelers 2nd Quarter

Nov 3, 2008, 11:09 PM EDT

14:43—It’s turned into a defensive struggle as neither team can sustain a drive. Campbell took a sack on third and five to kill the Skins last drive before it ever really got started.

12:43—London Fletcher smelled out a flat pass to Moore and dumped him, knocking out the ball for a harmless third and two incompletion. Another three and out for the Skins defense. I swear that Fletcher hangs out in the offensive huddle from time to time.

11:13—A 43-yard pass interference penalty on Rogers gives the Steelers their best scoring threat so far. Rogers didn’t see the ball and Hines Ward did and Carlos hit him early. Even if they don’t gain another yard they’re in field goal range for Jeff Reed.

8:40—A Demetric Evans sack on third and two puts the Steeler field goal team out.

FG Reed 35
Redskins 6, Steelers 3

The Steelers gained 62 yards on the scoring drive, 43 of which were on the PI call.

7:08—So far, Ben Roethlisberger, the Steelers’ $100 million man, is 3 for 13 for 27 yards.

6:00—Jason Campbell isn’t a whole lot better, 6-13 for 38.

5:33—Rogers drops a pick six. Just a flat-out drop. You have got to make that play. A 13-3 lead in this game would have been enormous.

4:16—The Redskins are settling in to more of a traditional West Cost scheme with short passes in running situations. It’s not working very well so far but if Moss breaks a tackle. . .

2:11—The Redskins don’t get the pick six out of Rogers. The Steelers do get a blocked punt and now they have a first and goal at the 13. This after Cooley is tackled about a half a yard short of the first down line on third down. A big sequence there.

Roethlisberger 1 run (Reed kick)
Steelers 10, Redskins 6

The Redskins had their chance to make a big play and turn around the defensive struggle but Rogers dropped the ball. The Steelers take advantage of their chance with a blocked punt to set up a TD and they will have the lead going into the locker room.

End of the first half
Steelers 10, Redskins 6




  1. allen - Nov 3, 2008 at 11:21 PM

    It is amazing how bad Rodgers’ hands are! Our defensive lineman literally can catch a ball better than he can. It is really hard to recover from blowing a gift-wrapped touchdown. Archives

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