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Redskins on the WWW 10.27.08

Oct 27, 2008, 9:26 PM EDT

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Jim Zorn’s postgame presser wasn’t the only one at Ford Field with a tense moment. Lions coach Rod Marinelli told a reporter that he “wasn’t qualified” to evaluate the team’s defensive scheme.

Detroit columnist Tom Kowalski thinks that the Lions would be doing Marinelli a favor if they fired him. The crux of his case:

Just for kicks before Sunday’s game, I compared the two rosters and tried to see if there were any Lions players who clearly were better than their counterparts and would start on the Redskins.

Defensively, there was nobody. Ernie Sims instead of Rocky McIntosh? A tossup at best.

On offense, you can make a case for Calvin Johnson over Santana Moss, although Moss, as he showed the Lions, can contribute in many ways.

Who else? Seriously, you have one, maybe two, Lions who could unseat one of the Redskins starters. And you’re wondering why this team is 0-7? I don’t think Marinelli is wondering.

Suddenly, a new word appears in the team lexicon.

Mike Florio of talks about a league MVP candidate on the Redskins in his Sporting News article. And it isn’t Clinton Portis.

An excellent piece from ESPN the Magazine takes a serendipitous look at some of the formative moments in Jason Campbell’s football life. There were several good ones, this one from his days at Auburn when he faced a fourth down against LSU:

As the stadium waits, quiet as a spool of string, Campbell takes the ball from under center. The Tigers blitz. Before he’s hit by two defenders, Campbell finds receiver Courtney Taylor with a 14-yard pass to get the game-saving first down. Three plays later, he hits Taylor again for a 16-yard touchdown. The Tigers win 10-9 and don’t lose a game all season. Archives

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