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Redskins on the WWW 10.24.08

Oct 24, 2008, 6:31 AM EDT

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Ryan O’Halloran gives a detailed breakdown of how the Redskins are getting pressure on the opposing quarterbacks, even though the team’s sack total remains low.

On Yahoo! Sports, Charles Robinson says that Clinton Portis is putting up “MVP-type digits”.

Om offers a reality check for those who will be unhappy with anything less than a blowout of the hapless Lions. “This isn’t an established winner hitting its midseason stride and battling for playoff seeding,” he says. “This is a team not quite halfway through their first season under a rookie head coach.”

Malcolm Kelly will have until after the bye week to get healthy; otherwise it’s bye-bye to injured reserve.

Carlos Rogers has yet to be beaten for a touchdown this year. Archives

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