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Redskins Browns 3rd quarter

Oct 19, 2008, 6:22 PM EDT

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I trust that Zorn will be able to come up with some halftime adjustments. That last drive wouldn’t have been bad had it taken place in the middle of the second quarter. It was well paced and effective, for that time of game. For the time that it actually happened, it took way too much time and the rushed pace killed it.

Zorn seems to be obsessed with getting the ball to Fred Davis. He has two passes thrown his way and a touch on that end around (I’d say it was the “puzzling” end around, but as it is it fits in with a game plan that I can’t understand). That’s about what anyone besides Portis has.

This is the first scoreless Redskins first half since 1981 when they played the Giants at RFK.

14:08—Another penalty may well abort another drive. After Portis made a nice cutback for 11, Samuels held, setting up first and 20.

13:00—Shaun Alexander’s first two carries total nine yards, but it’s still third and 11. They need to get this drive jump started.

12:20—And we have the return of the completed third-down pass short of a first down as Campbell goes to Cooley for nine—with zero chance of any YAC—on third and 11. It probably is going to take a turnover for the Redskins to score. Maybe Landry can hold on to a pass.

9:48—A double spin move by Santana gets the Redskins going. He was not doubled and was wide open. Two 360’s later, the Redskins were knocking on the door near the Cleveland 25.

9:17—After a couple of Portis runs for a first down, Campbell goes back to Moss, although it’s incomplete.

Portis 3 run (Suisham kick)
Redskins 7, Browns 0

After a pass to Randle El got the Redskins knocking on the door, Portis powers it in over Randy Thomas. He barely got the ball over the plane, but it’s finally seven points. Being penalty free on a drive helps.

Portis is over 100 yards for the fourth game in a row. He could end up with a buck seventy-five if the defense keeps getting the ball back to the offense. He’s been the one element on either side of the ball that’s been consistently effective. And, yes, the Redskins O-line for getting him running room.

6:08—We had an OOOOOOOOOOOOHHHH! moment there as Carlos Rogers laid the wood to Josh Cribbs. Anderson hung him out to dry on a short pass and Rogers popped Cribbs as he stretched out for the ball. A cheer to Rogers and also for Cribbs as, after a couple of minutes, he got up off the field under his own power.

5:16—But the Browns pick up the first down with a 19-yard pass from Anderson to Edwards. That was a big opportunity lose for the Redskins and it gets worse as Lewis rumbles for 22 on the next play.

3:12—We have an Andre Carter sighting as he corrals Anderson as he tries to run up the middle. Still no Jason Taylor sightings, but we’re keeping out eyes open.

FG Dawson 36
Redskins 7, Browns 3

The Redskins need to get into a trading seven for three mode. Campbell needs to feed to ball to Moss and make them pay if they play softly with Portis.

1:30—A nice Cartwright kickoff return has the Redskins in Cleveland territory after just three plays. And it’s looking like they can ride the #26 train all the way to the end zone.

End of third quarter
Redskins 7, Browns 3

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