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Redskins Browns 2nd quarter

Oct 19, 2008, 9:34 PM EDT

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8:46—This game is flying by in terms of game time vs. real time but in terms of entertainment value, well, not so much. Neither team has been able to put together much of a sustained drive and it’s mostly poor offense—penalties, dropped passes, etc.—as opposed to solid defense of any sort. I’m not sure what Jim Zorn’s game plan is all about when it means that when you have a drive humming along you throw in an end around to Fred Davis. I guess you want to keep them honest on those runs to the left, but how about giving it to someone with some actual speed.

6:16—Just like last week when the safety #21 of the Rams was shading to Moss’ side of the field, #21 of the Browns, Brodney Pool, is doing the same thing.

5:31—It’s OK that Portis is getting a rest, but why are you running Rock Cartwright wide on third and three? Maybe Zorn is setting some things up for the second half, but that was a good drive and since it seems that those are going to be few and far between today, I don’t understand the extremely conservative call.

4:20—Illegal contact keeps a Cleveland drive alive. Again, neither team is actually earning much offensively. We’re almost to halftime and neither team has a serious scoring threat.

3:32—Stallworth had a couple of steps on Smoot and Anderson flat overthrew him. Pressure may have had a little to do with it, but I chalk it up more as another blown chance by the offense.

2:30—There was a flutter of excitement on the 11th punt of the game as Moss lined up deep. He got the Redskins what I think is their best field position of the day with a return to the 33.

2:00—I don’t like that at all. Taking the snap with 2:30 left, Portis picks up seven yards and the Redskins let the clock run down to the 2:00 warning. That’s another 2-3 plays they are leaving on the table.

0:35—And it continues after Portis breaks off a long run and then they go to Moss on the slip screen. That’s three plays in 2:00 of clock time. They finally use a timeout.

0:04—It looked like the worst thing that could happen did as Campbell lost six yards as he stumbled away from center with the Redskins having no timeouts. Before the clock could run down, though, the Browns were called for holding down Campbell, so the clock stopped on the penalty. Suisham will get a shot at a field goal. He missed it as it hit the upright. Horrible clock management.

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