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Redskins-Browns 1st quarter

Oct 19, 2008, 8:58 PM EDT

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Pregame—The Redskins will kick off in their all-white uniforms. Zorn said that they would switch to the dark jerseys in the second half of the season, so when they host the Steelers on Monday night in a couple of weeks they should be in Burgundy shirts.

13:43—A fortunate three and out by the defense, as Lewis dropped a pass and Anderson misfired to KWII, who had a step.

12:47—My favorite Campbell pass is the decisive bullet over the middle. He just executed one of those for 12 yards and a first down to Cooley.

8:50—Punting on fourth and four at the 35? And it bounces into the end zone. Not quite sure about that rather conservative call by Zorn. Especially after the touchback, it seems like that’s either go for it or try the field goal. A nice drive was wasted there.

5:20—One first down and done for the Browns. Blache used Horton on the line of scrimmage, lined up almost as a standup defensive end. He submarined Lewis on second and short. That’s the key to stopping Lewis, get to him before he has a chance to build up any steam.

3:58—Zorn is showing confidence in the defense, running a draw on third and long and being satisfied to punt away. Plackemeier gets off a mediocre punt and the Browns start in Redskins territory.

2:36—Anderson is just flat off target today. On that three and out he missed Lewis open on first down for what would have been at least and 8-10 yard gain and he missed Winslow on a seam route that would have been good for 20 yards. The punt pushes the Redskins back inside the 10. They at least need to flip field position at some point or they’re going to find themselves trailing, assuming that Anderson can find a receiver.

End of first quarter
Redskins 0, Browns 0 Archives

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