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Wade, Mason cut, all 10 picks make it

Aug 30, 2008, 8:58 PM EDT

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This is going to be quick here as I’m on my way out the door to a wedding.

As I mentioned earlier, all 10 draft picks made the final roster. The only one I had not making it was Rob Jackson, but he started off strong in the Hall of Fame game and continued to impress. They wound up keeping 10 defensive linemen and 10 defensive backs.

There are those who will say that Durant Brooks made it because the Skins didn’t want to waste a draft pick. I don’t think so. For all its faults, this team isn’t afraid to admit it made a mistake (see Archuleta and Lloyd). Brooks made it because there wasn’t a dime’s worth of difference between them and Brooks is five years younger, cheaper, and he’ll be under contract for at least four years.

Todd Wade seemed to have it made at the start of camp as he represented the little bit of veteran tackle depth on the team. But Stephon Heyer played well enough to allow Zorn to show the injury-prone Wade the door.

Billy McMullen and Anthony Mix both got whacked as the Skins went with just five wide receivers. That’s kind of surprising considering the condition of Malcolm Kelly’s knees, but apparently they got a good prognosis.

McMullen and Marcus Mason both were victims of the decision to keep 20 D-linemen and D-backs.

The average 2008 Redskin is 28 years old, stands 6-2, weighs 251 and has 4.94 years of NFL experience. Nine of them are first-round draft picks and 13 were picked in the second. Another 13 came into the league as undrafted free agents.

If anything else interesting comes to mind, I’ll post it later. Archives

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