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53-man roster final prediction

Aug 29, 2008, 10:00 PM EDT

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Cuts are coming soon; here is my final stab at who will make the Washington Redskins final 53-man roster

Quarterback (3): Campbell, Collins, Brennan—This has been set for a while.

Running back (4): Portis, Betts, Cartwright, Mason—At his Friday press conference, Zorn was noncommittal about Mason making it so he’s still on the bubble to an extent.

Wide receiver (6) Moss, Randle El, Thrash, Kelly, Thomas and McMullen—In June, if you’d told anyone that Billy McMullen would be on the final roster you would have been laughed at. Now, given the injuries to Kelly and Mix and the long learning curve of Thomas, McMullen is the #4 receiver. I don’t see Kelly going on IR as some have speculated. One receiver is likely to be inactive on game day anyway so you might as well see if Kelly can heal and contribute later in the season.

Tight end (3): Cooley, Davis, Yoder

Fullback (1): Sellers

Offensive line (9): Samuels, Kendall, Rabach, Thomas, Jansen, Fabini, Heyer, Reinhardt, and Geisinger—In a change from my last prediction, I’m cutting Andrew Crummey and keeping Geisinger. I think he’s shown that he’s someone who can step right now as needed. Crummey can gain some seasoning on the practice squad.

Defensive line (9): Taylor, Carter, Griffin, Evans, James, Golston, Montgomery, Alexander, Wilson—I think that of all the players who were on their final chances last night, Wilson came through as well as any of them. Since there only are six linebackers worth keeping, they can add him as a ninth D-lineman.

Linebackers (6): Fletcher, Washington McIntosh, Blades, K. Campbell, Fincher—Fincher was very active last night and in my eyes he earned a roster spot.

Corners (5): Springs, Rogers, Smoot, Tryon, Torrence—I discussed the Tryon situation here. I’m still not buying that Richardson will beat him out. If there is concern here, a veteran waiver wire pickup is more likely to take Tryon’s place than is Richardson.

Safeties (4): Landry, Doughty, Horton, and Moore—It’s possible that Justin Hamilton will sneak on to the roster if they decide to cut or trade Mason or shelve Kelly.

Specialists (3): Albright, Brooks, Suisham—I have absolutely no conviction about Brooks making it as the punter. He didn’t exactly blow Derrick Frost right out of the water and the word is that Suisham prefers Frost as his holder. Archives

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