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Rookie Tryon may have to step up at CB

Jun 24, 2008, 6:18 AM EDT

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I promised a blurb about the Skins’ cornerback situation after the release of John Eubanks, who was the fourth corner last year after Carlos Rogers was put on injured reserve in October.

Eubanks was released, it seems to me, and players like Byron Westbrook and Cedric Holt stayed because Eubanks had used up his practice squad eligibility. If players are close in ability and are long shots to make the 53-man roster, you want to keep around the guys you’ll be able to keep around on the PS.

Eubanks may even have been a little bit better than Westbrook and Holt but he would be taking up resources in the form of a roster spot and coaching time and the Redskins don’t want to do that if it’s likely that he’ll be cut loose at the end of August anyway.

Westbrook and Holt and fourth-round draftee Just Tryon may be good players but, for all three of them, their next NFL snap will their first NFL snap.

Rogers is the key to how much all of this matters. If he’s ready for Week 1, he, Shawn Springs, and Fred Smoot are the top three corners. Leigh Torrence, the nickel back after Rogers went out in ’07, comes in against four wides and in third and very long. Tryon is the fifth CB on the roster, playing special teams when he’s on the active list. Westbrook and Holt likely are on the practice squad.

It seems unlikely, though, that Rogers will be ready to play in the Meadowlands on September 4. If he’s on the PUP list, which would open a spot on the 53-man roster, Holt or Westbrook will have a shot at making it. In either case, Torrence and Tryon both move up a notch to the nickel and dime spots respectively. Archives

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