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Moss had the Irish flu

Jun 5, 2008, 2:29 AM EDT

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As it turns out, the “flu” that caused Santana Moss to sit out Monday’s OTA practice came not from a bug but from a bottle.

The wide receiver had a weekend extravaganza to celebrate his 29th birthday. Two “celebrity” events (the adjective is in quotes because some of those attending were the likes of Mike Rumph and Sinorice Moss) raised money for charity. Apparently, though, Moss spent a little too much time hanging out with his good friends Jack Daniels and Jim Beam.

It was reported on Monday that Moss went to Redskins Park but he was not on the field due to the flu. However, when asked about it he ‘fessed up and said that the weekend activities were the reason why he was feeling under the weather, not any germ or virus.

“All they (Moss’ teammates) did is laugh because they knew it was going to happen like that,” Moss said. “I told them, ‘You think you’re still young and you can still hold up,’ but they all know what time it was. You have to chalk it up and be ready the next day.”

I guess you have to give Moss some points for his candor, but this is a little bit ridiculous.

It’s one thing for a college kid to fly across three time zones and then oversleep as Fred Davis did during minicamp.

It’s quite another for a veteran player to throw himself a two-day bash and not be able to control his alcohol consumption to the point where he can’t function at his job on Monday morning.

Moss is a good player who has had some great moments during his three seasons as a Redskin. He’s had some low moments too, like when he pulled himself out of the game at Green Bay while the outcome still was in doubt. Yes, he was having an awful game but it’s the coach’s decision to pull a player from a game, not that player’s. Some have said that he quit in that game. I think that’s going a bit too far, but I have no logical comeback for those who use the “q” word.

And now this. Like Davis oversleeping, the story will have a shelf life of a few days on talk radio and in places like this and then it will die down.

It’s up to Santana Moss to make sure it stays dead.

  1. Joe in Raleigh - Jun 5, 2008 at 1:35 PM

    It’s different than Fred Davis because that was a mandatory mini-camp and this was a voluntary OTA. It’s less like missing work on Monday and more like not coming to the office on Saturday. Sure, you could go in and maybe catch up on some emails — but it’s not a big deal if you don’t.

    Then there’s the argument that OTAs are voluntary in name only and true team leaders should WANT to be there. Perhaps. But when the players association negotiated for “voluntary” off-season workouts, they likely gave up something else for that right. So if the players choose to exercise that right, so be it. In fact, the NFLPA should probably be more aggressive in protecting that portion of the CBA.

    Now should a 29 year old man be holding a birthday party for himself? If you ask me there is an age where people should stop throwing themselves birthday bashes. That age is 12. Archives

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