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LaCanfora on Morocco Brown

May 21, 2008, 11:51 AM EDT

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On his Redskins Insider blog, Washington Post Redskins beat reporter Jason LaCanfora delivers nothing short of glowing praise for the Redskins hiring of Morocco Brown as their director of pro personnel.

You can read his whole, lengthy post on Brown on the WP website, but here is the nut of the article:

Based on everything I’ve heard – and my reporting always carries the day in terms on my analysis of anything on this blog – you’ve got to give Cerrato full marks for making what appears to be an inspired hire.

For anyone to use “Cerrato” and “inspired” in the same sentence is surprising. For LaCanfora to do it is downright shocking.

One could say, as a commenter in another post did, that Brown must be a great hire if even JLC thinks it’s a good move.

But if you are one of those who has been skeptical of his notorious “league sources” when they come through with information that is negative in regards to the Redskins, be careful of embracing the positive reviews as well. Archives

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