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Roster still has one spot

May 16, 2008, 6:57 AM EDT

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The Washington Redskins still have one job opening.

I mistakenly said that the Redskins released Jerome Mathis yesterday to make room for rookie defensive end Jonathan Mapu. While Mathis was cut and Mapu was signed, the first event didn’t have to happen to make the second one possible.

That’s because the Redskins still have just 79 players on their roster and they are allowed to have 80. They could have signed Mapu, kept Mathis, and they would have been right at the limit.

Actually, the Redskins will have 89 players available for the second round of OTA’s coming up in a few weeks. Their 10 draft selections do not count against the 80-man limit until they sign contracts. As each draftee signs, a player will have to be released.

The NFL is looking at increasing the roster limit for training camp. In effect, it’s smaller than it has been in years past as players who participated in the now-defunct European league were given exemptions and did not count against the 80 allowed. That allowed most teams to have around 85 players available for camp. Archives

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